Italy-Japan, Meloni: “Our most significant presence with ships and F35s”

The Prime Minister after the meeting with Kishida: “Japan is a friendly nation, great 360 degree harmony”

“Japan is a friendly nation with which Italy is working great 360 degree harmony“. This was said by the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, after the meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida.

Italy, the prime minister explained, will ensure a “more significant presence” in the Indo-Pacific area.”with ships, the Cavour and the Vespucci, and with F35. An important presence for strategic cooperation”.

“Important joint military, maritime and aeronautical exercises have been organised. Italy intends to have an increasingly significant presence, the Cavour aircraft carrier, the Vespucci training ship and the F35s will arrive. A very important presence which represents strategic cooperation”, explained Meloni.

In the Indo-Pacific area it is important to guarantee “stability” and furthermore the area “offers many opportunities to Italy, we have been asked for some time to increase our presence”, said the Prime Minister regarding joint operations with the Japan. “We have some jewels and we try to be present. The F35s will arrive in August, then the Cavour with other vehicles and the Vespucci”.

Furthermore, in the meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister, “new impetus for business collaboration and mutual investment” were announced. Meloni spoke of an “intensification of the trade relationship which grew by 10pc to over 15 billion euros”.

The Prime Minister also spoke to journalists about Stellantis. “I repeat that we are interested in every investment that can produce jobs. I read Tavares’ statements on incentives but I couldn’t find the interview. It would have seemed curious to me, the incentives cannot be aimed only at one company and we have put 1 billion on eco incentives. This is why what I read seemed bizarre to me”, said Meloni. “We are always available to create jobs, but if you prefer to produce abroad we can’t say anything but don’t tell me that the car is Italian“, observed the prime minister.

Then on the farmers’ protest: “We have always met the farmers, we have always turned our attention to the agricultural world. We have increased the resources from 5 to 8 billion of the Pnrr, compared to other countries we have not removed the incentives on diesel, we have the maximum possible. We have a focus on farmers, we can always do better and more. I am always willing to listen to workers who are fundamental to me“.