Italy Major Premier Padel, record numbers and audience, around 25 thousand tickets sold

Carraro: “tournament at the Foro Italico challenge won for organization, game and audience”

Record numbers and audience for the second edition of the Bnl Italy Major Premier Padel, the first combined. The thrill of being there, of writing an unforgettable page in the history of padel, competing for the first time alongside colleagues in a prestigious combined. An irrepressible smile that of Gemma Triay and of all the athletes who would never have been satisfied with having to follow, once again, such a prestigious tournament only from TV. Or, the enthusiasm of the fans at the Centrale cheering the umpteenth feat of the timeless talent of the 44-year-old Argentine phenomenon Fernando Belasteguin capable – alongside Yanguas – of outclassing, in the quarterfinals, the number one in the world rankings and reigning tournament champions , Lebron-Galan.

No less, the dances and songs of a delirious Foro Italico for a ‘Paquito’ Navarro on fire, who conquers the second consecutive final in Rome with the sound of otherworldly plays. Images, snapshots that immortalize one of the biggest and most important world events dedicated to padel. The BNL Italy Major Premier Padel is back in Rome in an even bigger, richer and more engaging site, managing not only to repeat but to improve on last year’s success, with even more relevant numbers: men’s main draw with 56 pairs and women’s 48; 134 spectacular matches played over 9 days; 10,000 visitors recorded overall yesterday; around 25 thousand paying spectators for a collection, given by the ticket office alone, of 1.2 million euros, 44% more than last year.

An event made possible thanks to the teamwork put in place by the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation, Sport and Health, the International Padel Federation and Premier Padel, with the support of the Sport Department, the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region and the support of the BNL BNP Paribas group which – in the year in which it renewed its support for the Internazionali BNL d’Italia until 2028 – makes its debut alongside padel as title sponsor of the tournament. 2023 therefore marks a new starting point for Rome which confirms itself as a cornerstone of the increasingly rich international calendar of great padel. The 2023 edition of the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel is also a great success on social networks. The official profiles of the tournament (on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok) show strong growth compared to last year: Impressions: 7.9MLN (+68% compared to 2022); Engagement: 218K (+251% compared to 2022); Content published: 788 (+28% compared to 2022); Fans & Followers: 17,697 (+134% compared to 2022).

“In 2022, at the end of the tournament, faced with the surprising success it had, I said that it would only be the first stage of a long journey of growth, that we would immediately get to work preparing for a better edition. We didn’t know that a year later we would have commented on a historic event, such was this Bnl Italy Major Premier Padel: the first tournament of this level open to women, a choice that did justice to the extraordinary athletes we saw on the courts of the Foro Italico this week and has proved to be a winner, for the level of play expressed and for the attention that the public has reserved for it”. These are the words of Angelo Binaghi, President of the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation on the Foro Italico tournament which ends this evening “We closed, as is now our custom, with record numbers: about 25,000 paying spectators for a proceeds, given by the ticket office alone, of 1.2 million euros. Despite an exceptional heat that has put players and spectators in difficulty, Rome is consecrated as one of the world capitals of padel, as well as tennis. We also won this match, but I would say that everyone who played it won it: the Federation which has invested and will continue to invest in padel; Sport and Health which once again put its efficiency into play; the International Federation that continues to believe in us; Premier Padel which gives us the opportunity to organize this tournament; the Sport Department, the Municipality of Rome and the Lazio Region who support us, like our partners, starting with Bnl. Therefore, in the light of this result, we are making a commitment with our members, practitioners and all the enthusiasts of our disciplines to get back to work immediately for the next edition, which will obviously be the best ever”, concluded Binaghi.

“A year ago we brought the great padel to Rome and it was a success. This year we moved it to July and Central, and it seemed like a crazy idea. And instead, today we can say that it was a challenge won. Of organization, game, public. In 2022, we wanted to win the hearts of gamers. In 2023, that of all padel enthusiasts, starting with the Romans, who have once again shown that they are madly in love with this sport. But in these days the Forum has spoken all the languages ​​of the world, because padel has a universal vocation, it overcomes barriers, it unites peoples, indeed a wonderful, unique people”. Said Luigi Carraro, President of the International Padel Federation on ‘Italy Major Premier Padel of the Foro Italico. “Like the teamwork that has allowed the success of this edition, the first in the combined version, open to women: here too, we have not missed the appointment with history. I would like to thank the Italian Tennis and Padel Federation and Sport and Health for the extraordinary organization of this tournament in this unique place in the world, the Foro Italico. An applause also to the International Federation and to Premier Padel for making our tour more innovative and professional every day. We will continue to work, to grow, to dream together, for padel, for sport”, added Carraro.

“With the Bnl Italy Major Premier Padel in Rome we have witnessed a parade of stars at the Foro Italico and we have experienced first-hand the passion of the public and sportsmen for an increasingly growing sport. Bringing the great padel to Italy was a winning bet, we are proud to have contributed, first, to transforming an idea, a dream into reality. The Bnl Italy Major Premier Padel has proved to be a sports festival for everyone, able to combine high level with grassroots sport”. Thus Vito Cozzoli, President and CEO of Sport and Health on the Foro Italico tournament.

Menre Ziad Hammoud, member of the Board of Directors of Premier Padel added: “The Bnl Italy Major was a pivotal moment for Premier Padel. The participation of women on the tour has always been our ambition and we are delighted to have welcomed the talent of the professionals, making this tournament even more memorable. Not only has he enriched the competition, but he has also catapulted the event to unprecedented levels of success. We can’t wait for next week in Madrid.”