Italy weather, hot for a week from tomorrow

The anticyclone brings sunshine and rising temperatures, peaks of 35-36 degrees

From today the heat dominates the weather in Italy for a week from Rome to Milan, from Florence to Naples and Palermo. The weekend of today 9 September and tomorrow Sunday 10 September is characterized by a new Charon, an out-of-season African anticyclone that brings stable sunshine and rising temperatures. In Italy, especially in the North, we will have 7-8 degrees above the average for the period.

The high pressure of subtropical origin will expand, as Charon did in July, up to Scandinavia: thermal anomalies are expected, i.e. temperature differences compared to the climatological averages of the period, up to +12 degrees in Swedish Lapland, +10 in Finland , Baltic Republics, Germany, France and England.

Mattia Gussoni, meteorologist of the website, highlights that we will not reach 40-45 degrees as with Caronte in July. The hours of sunshine in July are more than 15 while between the first and second ten days of September the sun rises just before 7 am and sets around 7.30 pm, with approximately 12 hours and 30 minutes of solar heating and 11 hours and 30 minutes of night cooling.

All this is decisive in the forecast of maximum temperatures of 35-36 degrees against the average 42-44 degrees of the July peaks, albeit in the presence of an African anticyclone completely similar to the fully summer Charon: we will find the same power and more or less the same extension at European level. But as mentioned we are approaching the Autumn Equinox and from September 23rd the night will win over the day, the hours of darkness will be greater than the hours of light. Already now the temperatures drop by several degrees during the night, allowing a better rest than the very muggy tropical nights of July and August.

Meanwhile, in the next few hours the threat of the Medicane (Mediterranean hurricane) on the Ionian Sea will also vanish towards Libya: the passage along the southern Italian coast has brought at times intense rain, a strengthening of the winds and local storms, but all in all the the danger seems to have averted. In these hours the tropical-like cyclone is taking on even more strength, but is heading towards the South-East, it will landfall, that is, it will hit the mainland, near Benghazi in Libya, in Cyrenaica.

With the movement of the tropical-like cyclone (Medicane when the winds will blow over 118 km/h) we will have the return of high pressure also in the south.

Over the weekend and for at least a week, the sun and heat will return to all of Italy: the only threat is a gust of fresh Atlantic air in the North which could bring thunderstorms to the Alps and Pre-Alps, especially between 12 and 13 September.


Saturday 9. In the north: good weather. Middle: good weather. In the south: good weather, isolated residual thunderstorms between Calabria and Sicily.

Sunday 10. In the north: good weather and warmer. Middle: good and warmer weather. In the south: good weather and warmer.

Monday 11. In the north: good weather and even warmer. In the middle: good weather and even warmer. In the south: good weather and even warmer.

Trend: sun and heat at least until mid-month except for quick cloudy passages in the North.