“Italy will go to the World Cup”, the ’82 blues have no doubts

Tardelli, Cabrini, Vierchowod: confidence in the playoffs

Italy will go to the World Cup, word of the ’82 blues. The world champions show confidence in the national team of coach Roberto Mancini, forced to try to qualify for the World Cup in the playoffs in March after the disappointing 0-0 in Northern Ireland. “Team over and Mancini out of cycle? Not at all, I have absolute confidence in Roberto, he will do well in the near future”, he says. Marco Tardelli. “I only saw a team with many absent and with some problems, with Northern Ireland they could win and they didn’t. I have a lot of faith in this team, and besides I know these events well: after a great event won there is a decline, but it is absolutely not at the end of the line. And absolutely trust in Mancini, it is he who invented it. I think the only big mistake was the draw with Bulgaria, but he always played great games, “he adds.

“Are we in the play-offs? It means that we will pass the play-offs and go to the World Cup. I’m optimistic,” he says Antonio Cabrini. “We are not the usual Italians and we keep our faith in Mancini – his invitation -. The team is not the same as we saw this summer, three or four important elements are missing. And then November is a strange time for the national teams: there have been few games, we are at the beginning of the season, there is a different way to play, you are not in top condition and you have the lead in the championship “.

“Before the start of the match against Northern Ireland I was very confident, I thought we would win, then things didn’t go the right way but I think Italy will find more motivation in the playoffs and there we can’t go wrong”, He says Claudio Gentile.

“There is a lot of anticipation for the world championship in Qatar, a novelty, we must be there, we cannot miss it – continues the former defender who adds on the decline after the victory at the European Championships -. It also happened to us once world champions: everyone expects me to always win everything then but there are also the opponents, yesterday we saw this tension on the pitch, it was not a good match. It is not nice that a European champion team goes to the playoffs but now we look forward and think about qualify “.

“We were used to a national team that played with the soul giving everyone 110%. Now it is not that there was no commitment but perhaps unconsciously something was missing after the European championship triumph, there was less wickedness, on the pitch they were less loads. It also happened to us that after the 82nd World Cup we won we did not qualify for the European Championship “, is the reflection of Fulvio Collovati.

“However, I remain optimistic for the March playoffs also because historically that for our football is a better time than autumn, I think we will go to the world championship -assures the former Inter defender-. We hope to have everyone available and between the teams we can meet I don’t see a stronger one, it would be better to avoid Portugal but we can easily beat them “.

“Last night was a bad game, we risked losing against a team like Northern Ireland made up of players who play in lower categories: it can happen to relax. The European Championship won led to these games being played incorrectly , we are strong but we must always fight “, observes Pietro Vierchowod.

For the first game of the playoffs there is no problem, we will face a team that is not very strong in Rome, the problem is who you find: we have to find the right mentality – the former defender continues -. In June we were hungry for victories, now we have a full stomach and we have lost concentration, before they were aware of having to face all the teams with the same attitude “.