Italy’s Coderblock presents its AI-powered metaverse

The Palermo-based company is one of the first companies in Italy to make concrete use of AI integration in its immersive spaces

The Italian blockchain company Coderblock, a few weeks after the first pre-sale event of its lands (the latest lands can be purchased on the website), is working on its metaverse and is ready to present itself as Next Generation AI Metaverse, i.e. one of the first reality in Italy to make concrete use of AI integration in its immersive spaces. Artificial intelligence will provide tools and capabilities that may prove significant as they provide information unprecedented in volume and quality. In fact, the wealth that AI can add to the immersive experience will be that of identifying and interpreting user needs, thus creating not only new business frontiers, but also professional opportunities capable of adapting to ever-changing work environments.

“The metaverse, by its definition, cannot be static, it needs an attention to change that is equal to what we live in our lives. The beauty is that a metaverse evolves, mixes with other technologies and does not hold back from experimentation”, explains Danilo Costa, CEO & Founder of Coderblock. And it is here that, as has already happened for the blockchain, artificial intelligence also represents an opportunity in step with our times. Specifically, while Web3 is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its ability to offer more efficient and engaging experiences, AI is radically changing the level of immersion of virtual worlds, overturning the way companies and users operate and create value thanks to technological advancement”. Costa also explains how it will be possible to use these technologies in his business: “AI will have the important task of supporting the user in the creation process, creating entire virtual worlds for him by taking advantage of the know-how developed over the years by Coderblock. Everything will be possible with a simple click”.