It’s Alicia in the Grand Hotel, have you ever seen the actress off the set? You look like another person

She is Alicia in the Spanish TV series Grand Hotel, have you ever seen the actress off the set? You look like another person.

You are following the new episodes of Grand Hotel? On Canale 5 the Spanish TV series that tells the story of the Alarcon family is back on the air every Friday evening. This is the third and final season of the period drama and, once again, at the center of the plot is the wonderful Alicia.

Alicia in Grand Hotel (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

The impossible love story between the rich Alicia Alrocon and the waiter Julio Olmeda has conquered the audience of Canale 5, who can’t wait to find out how it will end. Will the two lovers have the long-awaited happy ending? Waiting to find out, we talk about the actress who lends her face to the beautiful Alicia. It is about Amaia Salamanca and seeing her off the set of Grand Hotel will leave you speechless!

In Grand Hotel she plays Alicia Alarcon: the actress outside the set is unrecognizable

Endless twists and turns in the third and final season of Grand Hotel. The Spanish TV series set in a luxury turn-of-the-century hotel thrills audiences with the turbulent love story of Alicia and Julio. Between the two is the ruthless Diego Murquia, Alicia’s husband and owner of a part of the Alarcon hotel. Fans dream of a happy ending, but the obstacles for the couple are still many. Among these also the beautiful Maite, lawyer and friend of Alicia: the woman has come to the hotel to help Alicia, but she surprisingly discovers that she has feelings for Julio. How will it end? We’ll see! In the meantime we show you how the beautiful Amaia Salamanca appears outside the stage clothes.

The actress who plays the sweet Alarcon is also a model and is 36 years old. She is very famous in Spain, she has participated in several successful TV series and is very popular on social networks. In this regard, are you curious to see one of the shots shared by the actress on her official Instagram channel? You will hardly recognize it with casual look and without the pompous hairstyles of her alter ego Alicia. In real life, Amaia prefers her smooth style and her hair color has definitely changed:

alicia grand hotel
Amaia Salamanca (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, Salamanca has chosen a decidedly darker color for her hair, compared to the blonde she sports as Alicia. What is certain is that, in any version, the actress is simply enchanting. Don’t miss the next episode of Grand Hotel, which will air on Friday 5 August in prime time on Canale 5. The twists will be incredible and will have to do with Diego’s mysterious secret: Alicia, Julio and Maite will find out more about man and everything will change. We can’t wait to find out what it is, what about you?