“It’s all over”: Elettra Lamborghini lets off steam, what happened

Elettra Lamborghini vents: “it’s all over” he explains, what happened to the nice girl?

The mythical Elettra Lamborghini it is truly a hurricane of positive energy. A girl with a thousand talents who is finding more and more satisfactions and successes in her career, but also in her private life.

Elettra Lamborghini unleashes: “it’s all over” (Source Instagram)

In fact, she has been married for just under a year with her great love, the Dutch-born DJ Nick van de Wall, known as Afrojack. Their story has made the most romantics dream and now that they are officially a married couple, Elettra takes stock during an interview, about this first year spent together. It would seem, however, that there is something that annoys the charismatic Lamborghini, who let off steam by saying “it’s all over”. What happened?

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Elettra Lamborghini unleashes: “it’s all over”

During the interview with Grace, Elettra Lamborghini she recounts how she is living her life as a married woman, and reveals that some of the attention she used to receive constantly is now gone. Don’t worry, everything is going smoothly between the couple, but the singer says that since she got married, she feels her sex appeal has completely collapsed. “Honey, no one queues for me anymore. Since I got married it’s all over, I don’t release the female pheromone anymore. Before, I was all a hormone, people would turn to look at me even though I was in pajamas. I remain a woman, but they notice me less ”.

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Elettra Lamborghini is unleashed
Source Instagram

However Elettra Lamborghini he is very happy in this moment of his life. Marriage to her Nick is going great, her career is always on the rise, and she even has a new family member. This is his new and very sweet dog Lea, with which she has already become inseparable. He even took it with him during the episode of very true aired last December 12th. Elettra Lamborghini concludes his interview with Grace also revealing some aspects of his career. “Many say that I only came with the butt, in the true sense of the word. But it is not like that, I have received many doors in my face, but I have passed over ”he concludes.

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We love Elettra Lamborghini and we are curious to see her still tell about herself in other broadcasts.