“It’s all the Jews’ fault”, storm over Anna Castiglia’s song on ‘X Factor’

The unreleased ‘Ghali’ generated some irritation in the Jewish community. Pavoncello: “A superficial listening could confirm clichés of anti-Semitism”

Storm over the unreleased song presented on ‘X Factor’ by aspiring contestant Anna Castiglia who in a verse reads: “I never have money in my pocket, I always ask my parents for it, but I’m bankrupt, it’s all the fault of the Jews”. The phrase caused irritation and disappointment in some parts of the community, with the lyrics of the song bounced everywhere via WhatsApp.

The song, entitled ‘Ghali’, was presented by the singer-songwriter as a “hymn to guilt” with which she wants to trigger a reflection on the fact that we would blame anything in order not to assume our responsibilities. In the auditions episode of the talent show, the song was greeted with a hint of a standing ovation and won the coveted 4 yes votes from the judges. Who expressed themselves in a very positive way. Fedez promoted above all its technical qualities: “I found it very interesting especially metrically, in my opinion there are trappers, rappers who can’t maintain that type of speed that you maintained”. As for the text, Fedez added: “I consider irony the privé of intelligence”. For Dargen D’Amico “an excellent text, your influences can be felt strong – he underlined. The attack of the chorus is Gaber himself. Maybe I would try to move away from it to become even more cutting edge in what you do. And I hope that Ghali does a piece entitled Anna Castiglia”. Ambra, on the other hand, went unbalanced: “I’ll say it straight: I would really like you on the team with me”.

The irritation on the chats of the Jewish community

The comments made in the chats of members of the Jewish community were not as enthusiastic, although they did not officially express any disappointment. “Listening to it makes us feel bad, but then listening to the lyrics better we realized that the singer-songwriter was picking on a whole series of clichés, ridiculing them. The text also contains some geniusPersonally, however, I believe that anyone who listens to it superficially might think that it is still a current thought that the Jews dominate world finances. That extrapolated phrase could support clichés of anti-Semitism“, underlines to Adnkronos Vittorio Pavoncello, President of the Italian Maccabi Federation (Federation that collects and organizes sporting and cultural activities in Jewish communities) who in the past also held important positions in the Roman Jewish community and in the Ucei.