It’s Elena in Another Tomorrow, but take a good look at her: we’ve already seen her on TV

She is Elena in the new Canale 5 soap Another Tomorrow, but look at her carefully: we have already seen her on TV; here’s where.

Are you following the new telenovela aired in the early afternoon of Canale 5? In the range normally destined for men and women, this year it has arrived Another tomorrow, an interesting Spanish soap opera that is already thrilling audiences. Among the main characters of the story is her, Elena.

She is Elena in the new soap of Canale 5 Another tomorrow, but look at her carefully: we have already seen her on TV; here’s where. (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

This is Julia’s neighbor, one of the two protagonists of the soap: the other is her grandmother Carmen, whose story is told in a different time frame. But let’s get back to sweet and understanding Elena: take a good look at it, does it remind you of anyone? The actress who plays her is a well-known face for the Canale 5 audience.

Another tomorrow, Aida de la Cruz is Elena: do you remember where we have already seen her?

In Another tomorrow, Elena Prieto is a neighbor of Julia: the woman knew her father Carlos and helps the girl to reconstruct important pieces of her past. Giving Elena’s face is an actress we know very well. It is about Aida de la Cruzone of the most beloved characters of the soap opera il Secret! Remember who played in Puente Viejo?

Just her, the sweet pastry chef Candela, wife first of Tristan Castro and then of Severo Santacruz. A wonderful love story, one of the most beautiful of the Spanish soap opera. A story that, however, as often happened in the soap opera, had a tragic end: Candela died in dramatic circumstances, falling into the void because of Venancia. Tristan too, we recall, was killed during his wedding with Candela.

Dramas aside, Channel 5 viewers can again follow the talented Aida as Elena in the new soap: Prieto is a precious and understanding friend for Julia, with which he has bonded since the first meeting.

candle the secret
Candela in The Secret (Youtube Credits)

Don’t miss the next episodes of Another Tomorrow: the soap airs from Monday to Friday, starting at 2.45 pm, on Canale 5. Incredible twists are on the way!