“It’s embarrassing,” Floriana reveals the amount she earned after the GF and how much she earns today

“It’s embarrassing”, Floriana reveals the amount she earned after participating in the GF and how much she earns today; the confession does not go unnoticed.

Twenty years have passed since his first appearance on TV, in the Big Brother house. Floriana Secondshowever, he has not lost his frankness and his being direct and he also demonstrated it in the interview with Belve, broadcast a few days ago.

Floriana a Belve (Credits Raiplay)

An interview in which the winner of the second edition of the Canale 5 reality show talked about herself without filters, retracing the most important moments of her past and letting herself go to some unpublished confessions. During the chat with Francesca Fagnani, the Roman confessed how much he earned in the moment of maximum popularity, after Big Brother, and how much he earns today.

Floriana Secondi, how much she earned after the GF and how much she earns now: “It’s a shame”

An example of those who sought a ransom, a way to make it. That is how Floriana Seconds The Rai program conducted and conceived by Francesca Fagnani was defined during the interview with Belve. A difficult past, that of Floriana, marked by terrible episodes, from her mother’s drug addiction problems to the years spent in an orphanage. The Roman told herself with an open heart, obviously also talking about the Big Brother period.

It was 2003 when Floriana won the Canale 5 reality show, being inundated with extraordinary popularity. And a lot of money. “In a while, I started crying. I was desperate because I was making so much money, I did the evenings, I looked at the current account but I did not understand if people wanted to stay with me because I was Floriana or for what I represented ”, revealed the former competitor. She who today she continues to attend on TV, in various broadcasts, such as the Island of the Famous, a reality show in which she participated last year. But Floriana also continues to work away from the small screen, being the owner of a bathhouse, as well as with the evenings at the disco. But how much do you earn?

The presenter asked openly and, as always, Secondi did not hesitate to answer sincerely, revealing how much she earned after Big Brother and how much she earns today: “Look, what I’m about to say is a shame, it’s embarrassing. For a single evening they also paid me 20 thousand euros in half an hour, now I’m going to get 1000 euros, or 1500 just if it tells me right “.

floriana was earning gf
Floriana Seconds (Credits Raiplay)

At this point, Floriana explains what didn’t work in her recent experience in Honduras, a The Island of the Famous : ”Realities have changed, twenty years ago simplicity almost scandalized. Today I found myself in a situation that I did not like, I was expecting a recording 24 hours a day, where all my activities were seen, but only one was seen, when I was arguing and this thing bothered me. I behaved badly and I didn’t like it ”.