“It’s hard for me to believe”: what emerges from the Totti Ilary Blasi divorce

The divorce between Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti continues to be the center of attention, but have you seen what has just emerged?

There are many topics of the gossip that have alternated in newspapers and sites this summer, but the divorce between Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi he is among those who, even now, holds the stage.

Totti and Blasi. Credits: instagram

During these months, a lot of news about them has alternated, but until now neither of them had ever commented. After the press release confirming the end of their love story, Francesco Totti had entrenched himself behind a social silence and Ilary Blasi, although he never referred to his marriage, never lost an opportunity to show himself on social media.

It is since, however, Francesco Totti told Il Corriere della Sera, revealing the reasons for the end of his marriage, that everything has changed. Just in the last few hours, another ‘detail’ has emerged. And it was Alfonso Signorini who revealed it.

What emerged about the divorce of Totti and Blasi after the interview?

Francesco Totti’s interview with Il Corriere della sera has absolutely not gone unnoticed. If on the one hand, however, Ilary Blasi continued to remain silent on the issue, showing himself to his audience during a particular activity, on the other hand there are those who could not help but comment on the words of the former Giallorossi captain.

It was not just the words that the good Totti let himself go about his ex-wife’s gesture of taking all his rolexes – a topic on which Paolo Bonolis also expressed himself – but all the confessions of which former footballer has completely freed himself. In the newspaper, Francesco told about his wife’s betrayals and how his love story with Noemi Bocchi was born. But what everyone is asking is: why did he choose to speak? Ilary Blasi, as we said, has never uttered any words about it, but why did the former Roman symbol choose to do so?

On divorce of Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi, even Alfonso Signorini could not help but have his say. And, on the footballer’s interview with the newspaper, the editor of Chi said: “I think for him this outburst was liberating, albeit painful. You almost could no longer pass for the serial traitor and liar ”. In short, it would seem that the good Signorini has quite clear ideas about Totti’s outburst. As, by the way, it also has it on Ilary’s reaction. “In the meantime, Ilary Blasi is right to keep quiet and not to give interviews. As long as she is silent, public opinion will always win only she “, he concluded.

The shocking announcement of Alfonso Signorini

If the end of the marriage between Totti and Blasi is still a lot of chatter, even the shocking announcement of Alfonso Signorini is no less. A few days after the start of the seventh edition of GF Vip, its host revealed what no one would ever have expected, leaving everyone stunned.

divorce blasi totti
Gentlemen. Credits: Instagram

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