It’s Julio in the Grand Hotel: seeing the actor off the set will shock you, he’s unrecognizable

It’s Julio in the TV series Grand Hotel: seeing the actor off the set will upset you, he’s unrecognizable.

A season full of twists, the third of Grand Hotel. The Spanish TV series is back to keep the Canale 5 audience company again this summer, with the third and final chapter, aired every Friday evening.

Julio of Grand Hotel (Credits Mediaset Infinity)

At the center of the plot, once again, the tormented love story between Alicia Alarcon and the waiter Julio Olmedo. The two, also this season, have to deal with the ruthless Diego Murquia: will they be able to have the long-awaited happy ending? Waiting to find out, we show you a shot of the leading actor off the set. To play the young Julio is Yon Gonzalez, who, off the set, shows himself with a decidedly different look than his alter ego on TV. Let’s take a look!

In Grand Hotel he plays Julio Olmedo: the actor off the set looks like another person

The love story between Julio Olmedo and Alicia Alarcon is thrilling the audience of Canale 5. This is the story told in Grand Hotel – Intrigues and Passions, the Spanish TV series proposed by Mediaset also for this summer. What we are following every Friday is the last season and the finale promises to be crackling. Before we find out what will happen, we show you a shot that will leave you speechless. It is a photo that portrays the leading actor of the series set in the prestigious hotel, Yon Gonzalez. He’s the one who lends his face to Julio Olmedo, but do you know what he’s like out of the sweet waiter’s shoes?

As you can see from his Instagram shots, when he’s not Julio, the actor prefers a different look. Longer hair and especially a long beard: the young Olmedo has never shown himself with a trace of beard over the seasons! Curious to see it? You will be amazed:

julio grand hotel
Yon Gonzalez (Instagram Credits)

Oh yes, it really seems to be another person! Attentive fans will also have recognized the actor in another famous series proposed by Canale 5. The actor appeared in the role of Hugo Llor, the protagonist of The Heirs of the Earth, the sequel to The Cathedral of the Sea. Did you notice it?

Grand Hotel, previews of the fourth episode

After the third episode aired tonight, next week the fourth episode of Grand Hotel will be aired, consisting of two other unreleased episodes full of twists. There will be new information about Diego’s identity, thanks to the discovery of a new and important document, but above all the arrest of Andreas, after the murder of Belen. A new detective will arrive in the city, who will deal with this case but not only: also with the death of Celia Valledur. And Diego could be really close to finding out all about the relationship between his wife and Julio… You just have to tune in to Canale 5!