It’s official, SKAM 6 Italia will take place

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Upcoming episodes of Skam will arrive on Netflix (also visible on Sky Q and via the app on Now Smart Stick), according to the latest news published on social networks by the streaming platform. The Cross Productions branded product will return to the small screen with a sixth season which will find the young Roman protagonists intent on living their lives between love stories, personal satisfactions, dreams for the future, family dynamics and disappointments. It is still unknown who will be the central protagonist this time but someone has speculated that it is Sylviathe character played by Greta Ragusa. As first previews, the creators spoke of some new entries and that we will always talk about high school students because “an explicit request from Norway”.

Skam Italy: What is it about?

Born as an experiment, Skam has met with great success especially for the its social language which fits perfectly with the topicality of the target to which it refers. A teen and young series whose format was born in Northern Europe, in Norway, to then have its all-Italian version, set in Rome. Julie Andem’s original idea has also found a winning formula in our country with an audience that has felt involved in the stories of the protagonists led by Ludovico Bassegato and Alice Urciuolo. Since its inception in 2018, Skam is now a successful production that Netflix has conquered by also taking over as producer. In relation to the idea of Skam 6, Bassegato had declared in an interview: “The most important thing is not to look for formulas, what matters is the story that we would eventually like to tell and based on the type of story we will understand how to tell it, without establishing percentages of new and old characters. What will always count will always be the story”.

How did the fifth season leave us?

In Skam 5, directed by Tiziano Russo, the various episodes had focused on important themes such as body shaming. At the center the character of Elia, played by Francesco Centorame, who as a white, heterosexual, cisgenger guy is privileged within society but feels insecure about his penis size. Once again the series was reviewed positively and also found itself at the center of some controversy, but still keeping up with a generational picture of today’s young people. In the cast Beatrice Bruschi, Federico Cesari, Giancarlo Commare, Rocco Fasano, Ibrahim Keshk, Martina Lelio, Ludovica Martino, Mehdi Meskar, Greta Ragusa, Ludovico Tersigni, Pietro Turano, Nicholas Zerbini, Lea Gavino and Nicole Rossi.