It’s official, the beloved TV series will not be there: the news freezes everyone

The news arrives that everyone has frozen: it would seem official, the beloved TV series will no longer be there, the second season canceled.

The confirmation has arrived: the second season of the beloved fiction will no longer be there. To break the news with a long post Instagram is the screenwriter of the episodes Andrea Valagussa, who said he was very sorry for the end of this wonderful adventure.

The beloved TV series will no longer be there, the news is official (Source Instagram)

In the long post Instagram of farewell and thanks, the writer of the fiction reveals the sad news. Apparently the Rai he said no to the return to the small screen of the series loved by millions of Italians. The news froze everyone, as recently one of the leading actresses of the series said she was ready to start over with the second season. It must have been a false alarm since the news is official, the second season will not be there.

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The beloved series will no longer be there: the farewell on Instagram

The decision came unexpectedly given the excellent result achieved by the fiction in terms of ratings. In fact, the last episode reached a share of 22.6%, with more than 4.5 million spectators. The TV series in question is Until the last beat, which sees the brilliant performers as protagonists Marco Bocci, Violante Placido And Bianca Guaccero, in the exciting story of the heart surgeon Diego Mancini. The writer of the fiction Andrea Valagussa, greets his fellow adventurers and the general public with a long post.

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In addition to his heartfelt thanks, Valagussa explains that “Rai has decided today: the second season will not take place. They were upset and so were we ”. The last episode, broadcast on October 28th, had gone very well, but nevertheless the decision was made. The screenwriter recalls the good moments of the beginning of this adventure, “Pirandello knew it well, the characters do not live only in the stories, but also in the studios of those who created them”. It traces the whole long process of creating the fiction, starting from the writing of the characters, up to the brilliant performers who made it all possible, and the emotion of the set with the costumes, make-up and sets. Concluding the post Andrea Valagussa he states: “And if you miss us, know that the characters stay in my studio. There is room for everyone “.

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The beloved TV series will not be there
Photo Source: Instagram

For every ending there is a new beginning, we are curious to see what other exciting stories will keep us company on Rai 1.