It’s official: they separated after only three years of marriage, all stunned

They separated after only three years from their marriage: confirmation has arrived that no one would have wanted to have, all stunned.

There are those who make the decision to end their love story after many years of marriage – and this is confirmed by Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti, but also the former competitor of the GF Vip – and those who choose to say goodbye forever after only a few years. This is precisely what happened to the beloved actor.

Love at the end of the line. Credits: Instagram

The news of the end of her love story had already been in the air for some time, but only now it seems to have come to the confirmation: they separated after only three years of marriage! The news, as it should be, left everyone stunned and in no time at all it made the rounds of the web. At the moment, neither of the two directly concerned has said a word on the matter. According to what is learned from the words of one of their representatives, however, it would seem that the love story has come to an end about 5 months ago and that now the two have two completely different lives.

They separated after only three years of their marriage: the news freezes everyone

Having met in 2017, it would seem that the two lovebirds had a real love at first sight. We have very little information about their romance and the reasons that led them to say ‘goodbye’ forever, but it seems that the two are ready to separate after only three years of marriage. To confirm this, as we said, it was one of the representatives of the couple at E! News. Who are we talking about?

Many will remember him, let’s talk about the beloved Stephan from The Vampire Diaries. Did you also love the famous TV series and were you crazy about the adventures of the two Salvatore brothers? It is the beloved Paul Wesley who ended up on everyone’s lips due to the end of his marriage after only three years. We don’t know what happened, but it seems that his love story ended 5 months ago.

Do you know the actor’s private life?

This with the beautiful Ines De Ramon, a very young girl, it would seem that it is by no means the only shipwrecked marriage for the handsome Stephan of The Vampire Diaries. Even before meeting his current ex-wife, in fact, the actor got married in 2011 with Torrey De Vitto, another famous actress, and then officially separated after about two years from ‘yes’. Leaving this marriage behind, good Wesley has been in a relationship with Phoebe Tonkin for about four years. It was in 2017, however, that the two said goodbye forever and Paul met the beautiful Ines. The couple came out of the closet some time after their first meeting and in February 2019 they got married in great secrecy.

separated three years marriage
Paul and Ines. Credits: Instagram

We don’t know what prompted the couple to say goodbye, but it can’t be said that they weren’t a good couple.