It’s on Netflix, it has only 6 episodes and it is the miniseries with the most requests for a second season

There are many people who are looking for something what to see to be able to enjoy a good movie or series in the comfort of your homes. This time we bring you a recommendation that you can find on Netflix in miniseries format called “My dear Girl” which has become in just a few weeks one of the productions with the most requests for a second season due to the impact of its plot among the application’s users.

Netflix It is one of the largest content streaming platforms in the world and its catalog changes are permanent, so the incorporation of new content to see within it is very normal. In this case, “My Dear Girl” has become one of the miniseries with the most requests for a continuation of the plot since with only 6 chapters it has managed to capture the attention of thousands of platform users.

The synopsis what to see in “My dear Girl“lets us know about this miniseries that has conquered everything Netflix with its plot in just weeks that: “After the escape of a woman from a horrific captivity, a group of investigators reopens a disappearance case that, 13 years ago, remained unsolved.” In terms of reproduction, this miniseries is one of the ones that has achieved the most plays in recent weeks, positioning itself as one of the most viewed content within the application.

If you are looking for something what to see Within the platform we recommend that you look for some guides that can help you find something to see quickly since otherwise you can spend several hours searching for something to see and it can become tedious. “My dear Girl“is one of the mandatory recommendations within Netflix due to the enormous number of users who have viewed it and have left their good recommendations about the production.

In case this recommendation on “My dear Girl“resolve your doubts about what to see We also leave you the advice that you see it as soon as possible since Netflix Just like the vast majority of content streaming applications, it performs permanent content replacement and catalog updates, which is why it is important that we view the content we want to view soon as it may not be available in the short term.

Source: Netflix