It’s on Netflix, it was based on true events and it’s a movie that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen

Weekends are one of the most anticipated moments for thousands of people who choose to end their week looking for what to see to enjoy an excellent film at home and this time we bring a new recommendation from the Netflix menu that can solve your problems by contributing from a story based on real facts the doses of good cinema that you are looking for to conclude your hard week relaxing in the warmth of an excellent movie in the complete comfort of your home.

Netflix It is undoubtedly one of the most chosen options when it comes to watching movies and also when choosing what to see Since the catalog of this streaming platform is not only one of the widest in terms of genres, but it is also one of the ones with the best offers in terms of series and movies of recent years, we are talking about. One of the most sought after and viewed genres within the platform are fiction movies based on real events and today we bring you an excellent recommendation for your weekend if your plan is to watch a good movie.

The movie that yes or yes you have what to see in case your plan is to watch something based on real facts this weekend and that you can find in Netflix It is the film “The Swimmers”. This film is one of the most acclaimed by critics, not only for its good film execution but also for the impact of its story that has to do with two sisters who manage to flee Syria around the year 2015, for which it is not only based on real facts but it presents an absolute topical theme that will keep you glued to the screen.

In case “Las Nadadoras” is among your options on what to see this weekend the synopsis of this film based on real facts what can we find in Netflix states that: “Two Syrian sisters are fleeing their war-torn home in Damascus. Both swim for hours in the rough Mediterranean Sea to reach Greece, where they apply for asylum before competing in the Rio Olympics.”

With an approximate duration of almost 2 hours, this film is, from the statements of the critics, one of the ones that yes or yes there are what to see in case we like not only films based on real facts but also those that involve sports events since this option of Netflix It presents excellence in both categories and is positioned as one of the films most chosen by users of the platform and also one of the best rated by them.

Source: Netflix