It’s Sara in All the fault of Freud: origins, how old she is, who is her husband and how many children she has

Who is the actress who plays Sara in Freud’s All Fault: let’s find out together how old she is, who her husband is and how many children she has.

Coming up on Channel 5 the Mediaset fiction All Freud’s fault, taken from the film of the same name by Paolo Genovese. Among the many characters of the series we will know Will be, one of the daughters of the protagonist, played by Claudio Bisio. Let’s get to know the beautiful actress together.

Who is Sarah in All of Freud’s fault? (Source Instagram)

All Freud’s fault is the new series that will be broadcast starting from December 1st and we will see the psychologist as the protagonist Francesco Taramelli, whose face is loaned by Claudio Bisio. Among the characters we will see Will be, one of the three daughters of the psychotherapist. Her character is a young girl about to get married, but who will soon question both her sexuality and her marriage. But who is the actress who plays her? Let’s find out more about her, where she comes from and who her husband is and how many children she has.

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Who is the actress who plays Sara in All the fault of Freud?

The beautiful Will be is the character played by the actress and model Caterina Shulha. Very young actress born in 1993, she comes from Belarus but naturalized Italian. It arrived in Italy, precisely in Host, together with his mother in 2006 and from there he decided to make a career in the world of fashion and cinema. She is currently married to the film producer Marco Belardi and the two live in Rome. Her career began in the theater and especially in fashion, in fact the beautiful Belarusian appears in prominent glossy magazines as Vogue And Marie Claire.

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Sara in All the fault of Freud
Source Instagram

Then he finds success by acting in productions such as the miniseries The American girl, Immature – The journey, appears in an episode of the Cesaroni, the film I stop when I want and many others. In this last period, besides taking part in All Freud’s fault, also starred in The Land of Dreams. His family is a central part of his life, starting with the three children he had with Belardi, the eldest son Lorenzo born in 2017 and the two twins Nina And Future had in 2020. His profile Instagram with almost eighty thousand followers it is a perfect combination of life as a mother, with shots of her children and the glamor of fashion and cinema.

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A real strength Caterina Shulha! We can’t wait to see her in the role of Will be in All the fault of Freud.