It’s the young Buzz in Mama I Missed the Plane, remember? The news we’ve all been waiting for: incredible

He played Buzz in Mom I Missed the Plane, remember? Not everyone knows this news: it is truly incredible.

The Christmas season is approaching. And this, let’s face it, means only one thing: Mom I missed the plane. Having become a real cult of these parties, the film was released in all cinemas in 1991. And even now, as you well know, it continues to be very much loved. There is no one who does not know the story of little Kevin. And who, at least once, did not hope that the child would not be forgotten at home.

It was Buzz in Mom I Missed the Plane: We just found out. Photo Source: Youtube

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Over the course of the film we had the opportunity to meet a lot of characters. From little Kevin and his mother to the two thieves who try everything to get into the McCastiller house, the protagonists who have made the film unique are truly different. And which still continue to be loved now. Among them, it is really impossible to forget about him: Buzz McCastiller, Kevin’s older brother. Do you remember it? Well: are you curious to know something more about him? There is one piece of news in particular that, without a doubt, not everyone knows! Let’s find out all the details together.

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Remember Buzz in Mom Missed Her Plane? What we just found out

Among the many characters who took turns and we got to know in the film ‘Mom I missed the plane’, the very young Buzz is among those who left a mark in the hearts of all the spectators of the film. To date, in fact, there are really many people who are wondering what happened to it and how his life has changed after the success. Well. Let’s proceed in order. From what we learn, it would seem that the life of the good Devin Ratray has not changed at all. After Mom lost the plane, in fact, he continued to practice the profession of actor. And he has also taken part in many other successful TV series and films.

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What, however, few know is that, very soon, the good Ratray will return to play the role of Buzz McCastiller! Apparently, in fact, the last chapter of the film has been announced, entitled ‘Home sweet home alone: ​​mom I missed the plane, and the very nice Devin will play the role of Kevin’s older brother again. At the moment, mind you, we have no further information. The cameo announcement, however, left everyone speechless.

Buzz Mom I missed the plane
Photo Source: Instagram

He is Devin years after Mom missed the plane. It’s always the same, isn’t it?