“It’s time for me to retire”, the conductor displaces everyone with his decision

With his decision, the well-known TV presenter definitely left everyone dumbfounded: “It’s time for me to retire”,

No one would have ever imagined it. There were many of us who believed that the well-known conductor would still hold the reins of conducting the well-known program, yet his words during the television host seemed rather decisive. “It’s time for me to retire“: he let it be known.

He’s thinking about retiring (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

He was a television guest in the episode of ‘beautiful momprogram that sees the conduction Pierluigi Diaco which hosts well-known characters in the entertainment world ready to tell their stories in the well-known Rai studio. The well-known conductor was not exempt from the unpublished story of himself who, in the company of Diaco, made known his impressions on what his future life should be. Perhaps the withdrawal from the scene. No one would have expected such a revelation, yet it has come.

The conductor reveals: “It’s time for me to retire”, the decision displaces everyone

Iconic face of Rai, Tiberio Timperi is one of the TV characters known to many. Born in Rome in 1964, the presenter in his first television experiences juggled both as a journalist in Mediaset and later as an actor taking part in fictions that became known on the small screen such as La Squadra and Un posto al Sole, broadcast on Rai 3. His role in conducting ‘Il lotto alle Otto’ on Rai 2 was historic. Tiberio Timperi’s career was certainly full of experiences that allowed him to grow as a character but also as a person.

Tiberio Timperi conductor
Tiberio Timperi thinks about retirement (Credits: Instagram) – Sologossip

Today, however, having gained the previous years and with some experience behind him, the presenter of “One morning in the family” would feel ‘saturated’ and would be thinking of retiring from the television scene. “It’s time for me to retire“, he said ironically. However, his decision to distance himself from the small screen would not be far off. But if on the one hand he would be considering the idea of ​​leaving his role as conductor to retire to discover what the world has in store for him outside, Tiberio Timperi also let it be known that if he had the opportunity to try his hand in a different television experience it might even give us a little thought.

After so many years I would like to experience something different. I’m grateful for the chance I’m given, but I’d like to try other things“: Timperi made it known as a guest in the Rai studios. In short, before considering himself ‘out of the game’ he would like to experience once again the thrill of living a new television experience.

Provided, however, that it is probably an experience that does not lead him to be too far from affection. Some time ago he had the opportunity to take part as a special envoy on the Island of the Famous. In that circumstance, the conductor declined the offer because, precisely, he would have risked moving too far away from his affections.