“It’s wrong to say…”: Antonella Clerici moves everyone in the broadcast

“It’s wrong to say…”: Antonella Clerici moves everyone in the broadcast; her words in the course of It’s always noon.

After the usual summer break, the main TV broadcasts are back on the air. Among these there is also È semper mezzogiorno, the Rai Uno show hosted by Antonella Clericiwhich is back with the new edition from 12 September 2022.

Antonella Clerici (Credits Raiplay)

A program in which, between one recipe and another, you chat with many guests, with genuineness, just like in the family. And just at the opening of one of the last episodes, Antonella Clerici let herself go to a speech that did not go unnoticed. As often happens when it comes to her, the words of the presenter touched the hearts of the audience.

Antonella Clerici moves at It’s always noon: “For me it means a lot”

From Monday to Friday, starting at approximately 11.55, it is always on the air on Rai Uno It’s always noon. She takes care of keeping the public company in the late morning, Antonella Clerici, among the most loved faces of our small screen. And the episode aired on 21 September opened in a somewhat particular way.

“In my opinion, September 21 is the beginning of autumn. I know, they told me that the autumn solstice begins on September 23 this year and that therefore it is wrong to say that autumn begins today, but in short for me 21 begins autumn and it’s the end of summer!“. After this premise, Antonella lets herself go to a touching reflection.

A few simple words, which have excited viewers, those of Antonella: “Today is also the world day of gratitude. I want to say it because you know it for me this word is very important, it means a lot. And we must be grateful for life, grateful to those who have done us good and always remember it. Because it’s a very beautiful thing, it is one of the most beautiful feelings in my opinion, gratitude “. As always, the presenter was able to convey an important message with a few but significant words, which impressed the audience of Rai Uno.

antonella clerici moves
Clerici on tv (Credits Raiplay)

A very sweet speech, which opened an episode, as always, full of interesting culinary ideas and emotions. Giovanna Civitillo has also arrived in the cast of It’s always noon, as announced in the past few hours. Amadeus’s wife will have a space all of her own, the column “Turn and go”, dedicated to the most famous festivals in Italy. “Don’t know what to do on the weekend? I’ll give you some suggestions by pointing out festivals around Italy, great food and lots of fun ”, wrote the former dancer of L’eredità in a post shared on her Instagram channel. A post in which she expressed all her joy in joining the big family of It’s always noon. And you, are you following the new edition of the Rai Uno program?