Ius scholae, Lega: “Letta threats don’t scare you, Enrico, stay calm”

“Sorry that the Democratic Party, which once represented workers, now has drugs and immigrants as a priority”

“Sorry that the Democratic Party, which once represented the workers, now has drugs and immigrants as a priority. Letta’s threats? Do not scare anyone, Enrico is calm”. Like this League sources after the words of the dem leader on the Ius scholae.

“Let’s not back down”, explained Letta during the Pd Management. “The about-face that took place in Parliament on the part of the right and center-right parliamentary groups on the subject of the Ius scholae represents a great surprise for me and above all the link between the discussion in Parliament on the Ius scholae and the survival of the Government. a government due to dramatic events, a government is not dropped because an Italian boy in all respects, after years of school in Italy, who speaks the dialect as I can, finally gets the chance to have citizenship, and yes he even decides to let the government fall to prevent that girl and that boy from having Italian citizenship. I am speechless in front of a choice of this kind “, Letta’s words.

“I am literally speechless – reiterated the leader Dem – for the method and for the content. We do not step back an inch on the matter of giving those who have the right from all points of life to Italian citizenship to give them this citizenship. method that was chosen by the League and Salvini is incomprehensible: has the ius schoale ever been part of the government agenda? Never. There are issues concerning citizenship, rights, which are typical of the parliamentary agenda and those issues are discussed in Parliament, there is no connection to be made with the life of the government “.