IV-Action, Renzi: “Telenovela over, the groups are divided”

But Calenda’s party has denied and appealed

“The soap opera is over. The groups are split up.” Thus Matteo Renzi at the group meeting in the Senate after announcing the separation between Italia Viva and Carlo Calenda’s Action. But Action comes with a denial and also an appeal to the President of the Senate.

The announcement

“Today we are making the separation of paths official with our friends from Action – Renzi announced in his e-News -. We tried right up to the last minute to ask to make the list together and Calenda’s response was contemptuous. Everyone has their own style , we don’t engage in controversy best wishes to everyone and everyone on their way. Better to end this soap opera than have half of Italy laugh at us.”

“I I want to do politics, not live surrounded by regulatory quibbles and personal grudges. The groups – he announces – will be called Italia Viva – Il Centro – Renew Europe”.

“Back to politics with tour in 10 cities”

“After the congress it’s time to start again. At the beginning of November – Renzi announces – we will formalize the tasks and responsibilities as required by the Statute. In the meantime though I want to tour ten cities in the country to invite our friends and others to fly high and return to politics. Which is what we know how to do and what we must do. These are the stages from 27 to 30 October: Turin and Verona on the first day. Bari and Naples on Saturday 28th. Cagliari and Palermo on Sunday 29th. Bologna and Rome on Monday 30th. Genoa and Florence on Tuesday 31st October. Let’s show who we are and that we are there. And let’s bring back a bit of hope and the desire to dream.”

“I I want to do politics, not live surrounded by quibbles regulations and personal grudges. The groups – he announces – will be called Italia Viva – Il Centro – Renew Europe“.

Action’s appeal: “Null resolutions”

But Azione doesn’t agree, Renzi denies it and presents an appeal. “Contrary to what Senator Renzi declared to the press – we read in a note – no one today decided or asked for the separation of the IV and Action groups. Which we invite Senator Renzi to do, given that he has already announced it a thousand times. As regards the resolution on the name change – Azione underlines – we have written to the President of the Senate to report one double violation of the statute operated today by the group leader of the Action-Italia Viva – Renew group, Enrico Borghi”.

“The first violation – explains the note – concerns the inclusion of Senator Musolino in the group without the proposal co-signed by Borghi and Gelmini explicitly foreseen by the group’s statute; the second concerns the lack of 2/3 of the votes, even improperly considering Senator Musolino, to decide on a change of statute. The resolutions adopted today are to be considered null and void and Senator Musolino cannot in any way consider herself part of the Action-Italia Viva – Renew parliamentary group”.

“Senator Borghi has failed in his duties as President of the Group, which first and foremost include respect for the Statute. We will act accordingly in all relevant offices. Further comments on this ridiculous and caricatured affair are not necessary.”