Iva Zanicchi ends up in hospital: “It hurts a lot”, what happened

The singer Iva Zanicchi ended up in hospital: “It hurts a lot”, do you know what happened? We explain it to you in this article

Bad news for fans ofEagle of Ligonchio: the singer ended up in hospital following a bad accident. “It hurts a lot“, He declared, throwing his followers into despair. What happened to the famous singer? If you are curious to know, keep reading the article and you will find out.

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Singer Iva Zanicchi ends up in hospital: what happened (Source: Instagram)

Iva Zanicchi in hospital: “It hurts a lot”

Zanicchi is considered one of the most important Italian musical personalities together with Mina, Ornella Vanoni, Patty Pravo and Milva. It is nicknamed Ligonchio’s Eagle and she is much loved by the public, both for her extraordinary skill and for her gritty and sensitive character at the same time.

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In the course of his career she distinguished herself for her almost tenor vocal timbre, for her great determination and for her strong personality. He has ranged between the most diverse musical genres, from blues to melodic music, up to pop music. It has entered the record charts of various countries and has held long tours almost all over the world. She has participated ten times in the Sanremo Festival and has managed to win three times, becoming the female singer to have won the event several times.

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In the last few hours, however, she has been the protagonist – despite herself – of an unpleasant episode. Zanicchi ended up in the hospital. The singer had been announced as a guest of “Dancing with the Stars”, but gave up at the last moment because she slipped and hurt her foot.

It was she herself who informed her followers on her social account: “Here it is, I slipped and I hit my foot, it’s not broken but it’s a bad sprain and it hurts a lot”. The doctor ruled out a fracture, but Zanicchi complained of great pain and therefore did an X-ray to check her condition: “We have to make a slab, but I really think it’s not broken, I would rule it out”.