Ivan Francesco Ballerini sings “Forgotten Corners in the Streets of the World”: the video

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Knowing how to read the book of the world without prejudice, with the eyes and gaze of a child… this is how I try to tell the things of life. The song encompasses all my experiences, made on numerous business trips around the world. My name is Ivan Francesco Ballerini, I’m a Tuscan singer-songwriter, from Maremma to be more precise. I present to you the song Forgotten corners in the streets of the worldtaken from my latest album “Racconti di mare – la via delle spezia”, ​​released in October 2022 for the Milanese record company Long Digital Playing.

The song embodies all the journeys I’ve faced around the world, looking for something new to discover, to see, to tell. Journeys that have confronted me with different ways of thinking, acting, different languages ​​and religions, journeys that are often difficult, complex and tiring… wonderful. All these experiences gained over the years, mixed with my visceral passion for art and literature, as well as music of course, have led me to try my hand at the beautiful and complex role of songwriter. The video clip, which once again boasts the direction of the photographer and director Nedo Baglioni, was shot on the slopes of Mount Amiata, inside Rocca Silvana, a beautiful watchtower now abandoned, far from major roads. It seemed to me the most suitable place to tell this song, certainly one of the most intimate and autobiographical of my latest recording work.

We are currently working on a future recording project which will probably see the light in the spring/autumn of next year. Music represents for me the best tool to reach people and those who do our job have a great responsibility towards those who listen to us. We also have the opportunity to communicate issues that have not been addressed much and this is what I will do in my artistic future.