“I’ve been engaged for five years”: the famous actress admits it publicly for the first time

The beloved actress, who in recent years has been depopulating with her talent, reveals that she has been engaged for five years: guess who!

For about ten years her career has been continuously growing and today she is one of the most popular young Italian actresses. A passion that has accompanied her since she was a student and she, in addition to attending the university, she began to learn the secrets of the trade by following the theater courses organized in her hometown of her.

Shock revelation actress (Credits: Instagram)

To deepen her preparation she then settled in Rome where she studied at the Experimental Center of Cinematography. In 2013 the big opportunity finally arrives and he debuts with a small part in a very famous fiction. Since then she has ventured into increasingly important roles up to the character of her who definitively consecrated her.

Hand in hand with his success, curiosity about his private sphere has also grown many have wondered if there was love in his life. A question that until now the talented Pugliese artist has always eluded, but to which she has now decided to answer clearly for the first time. Not only that: she also revealed the identity of the man who has been with her for five years. You surely know it too!

She has been engaged for five years: the actress confesses it only now, he is a well-known face

The beloved face of Italian cinema who recently confessed to Vanity Fair to be romantically linked to a well-known man is Maria Chiara Giannetta. Class of 1993, born in Foggia and interpreter of Captain Anna Olivieri in Don Matteo, already in 2013 the brilliant 29-year-old had played a small role in the series interpreted for many years by Terence Hill. But it was her Captain character that made her really famous.

We were also able to admire her as the protagonist of the fiction Blanca and as co-host of the fourth evening of Sanremo Festival 2022 alongside Amadeus. As we said before, many have always wondered if Giannetta was her girlfriend and there was no lack of rumors that there was a story between her and her colleague Maurizio Lastrico. Also, months ago the actress was immortalized by the paparazzi of Diva and Donna in the company of the director Davide Marengobut no confirmation had ever arrived from the person concerned.

Now, however, interviewed by Vanity Fair, Maria Chiara Giannetta publicly admitted her relationship with Marengo: “And I, actually it’s the first time I’ve said it, I’ve been engaged for five years, I’m fine. They paparazzi me several times with Davide but I never confirmed ”. The actress explains that the choice to keep the secrecy was dictated by the fear of exposing their bond to the mercy of the people: “I was afraid that if you say so, you give permission to other people to enter”.

The two live together and their relationship seems very deep and solid: “We love each other. And this means growing the other on an individual level, but also growing together as a couple ”, explains the talented performer.

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Actress reveals that she is engaged (Credits: Instagram)

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