J-Ax, have you ever seen his wife? Her name is Elaina and an irresistible charm: what a couple!

He is J-Ax and he is a beloved face on television, but have you ever seen his wife Elaina? She is beautiful: together they are splendid.

He is one of the most loved faces of Italian television and music, J-Ax. Currently at All Together Now as a judge together with Anna Tatangelo, Francesco Renga and Rita Pavone, the beloved rapper praises a truly impressive success.

Elaina is J-Ax’s wife, but have you ever seen her? Photo Source: Instagram

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Voice of many successful singles, Alessandro Aleotti – this is his real name – made his debut, together with the band of the time, in 1992. Since then, the rapper has been riding the wave of success. Once you have said ‘goodbye’ to Articles 31, J-Ax he embarks on a solo career. And he records, single after singles, some really impressive hits. In fact, today he is very much loved. And each of his songs manages to conquer the peaks of each music chart. But what do we know about him? Having established that her success is truly impressive, are you curious to know a little more about her ‘underwear’? For example, have you ever seen hers wife? Sifting through his Instagram channel, we were able to track down some couple shots. Her name is Elaina. And we assure you it is truly beautiful. Here are the couple shots!

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Have you ever seen J-Ax’s wife? It is gorgeous

Not everyone knows, but the wife of J-Ax she is really beautiful! By carefully sifting through his Instagram profile, we were able to track down some couple shots. And, we assure you, together they are truly fantastic! What do we know, though, about her?

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J-Ax’s wife is called Elaina. And, from what we learn from the web, it would seem to be a former model. Born in Florida, the beautiful Cooker arrives in Italy. And he begins to tread the best national catwalks. Very soon, however, the woman leaves this world to devote herself to her passion: photography. To date, in fact, Elaina is a famous and appreciated portraitist and photographer. The first meeting between J-Ax and Elaina would have taken place at a rather difficult time in the rapper’s life. And they got married, then, in 2007. Ten years after their ‘yes’, they finally became parents.

J-Ax wife Elaina
Photo Source: Instagram

They are really beautiful together, right?