Jabra Elite 5, here are all the functions of the new Jabra headphones

Danish Jabra has released a new pair of interesting earphones: the Elite 5, which are characterized by an interesting price and design, ease of use and very complete software. We tried them both for work and for leisure for three weeks and we’ll tell you how it went below.

The main features

The Jabra Elite 5 have an ergonomic design and, positioned in the ears, are comfortable to wear, even after many hours and during workouts. They are able to resist rain (with an IP55 level of protection) and always return very high quality sound thanks to the 6mm speakers. The Jabra Elite 5 integrate the active noise cancellation function which allows, once worn, to “isolate” and listen to phone calls, music or podcasts without hearing external noises. The functionality on these headphones is powered by the Qualcomm QCC3050 Bluetooth chipset and uses, Jabra tells us, “feedback” microphones placed inside the ear and “feedforward” microphones placed outside the ear, capable of capturing a wide frequency range and eliminate noise more effectively. The audio level of calls and video calls is very good thanks to six microphones and a technology capable of “filtering” wind noise. Speaking of video calls, on these earphones we find a very interesting function and that is the Bluetooth Multipoint: it is possible, in fact, to associate the headphones to two devices at the same time (for example the PC and the telephone) and switch from one device to another without having to disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth every time.

The app

The Jabra Elite 5 can be controlled, on a smartphone or tablet, via the Jabra Sound+ app, available on both Android and iOS. Really complete app, which offers many ways of customization. Meanwhile, among these is the very useful equalizer, which allows you to create your own sound wave or to use pre-set settings (speech, increase bass, increase treble, energize, etc). Inside the app there is also a section called Soundscape which allows you to better mask the surrounding noises with sounds generated electronically (pink or white noise) or taken from nature (waterfall, immersion, waves, rain, chirping and many others ). Through the app it is possible to update the headphones, set the basic functions such as pausing the audio if we remove the headphones from the ears, automatic answering of calls, automatic activation / deactivation of silence when we remove or put the headphones back during a call. The Elite 5 also have the Spotify Tap Playback feature (i.e. they can immediately start playing music from Spotify by double pressing the left earphone), they are compatible with the Google Assistant and Alexa voice assistants while using Find My Jabra they can be located if you lose.

Our test, verdict, availability and prices

As in the other Jabra product reviews, we confirm our positive judgment on the brand: during our test the headphones always returned an excellent sound, whether listening to podcasts or “busy” or light music, whether watching a film on Sky Go or participating in a call with the editorial staff. Good battery life: in our test we used the headphones continuously for an entire working day without having to recharge them; with the case fully charged Jabra ensures that you can reach 28 hours of use. In our opinion, the noise cancellation function is good but not perfect: in very noisy places such as the station, the tram or the subway, the headphones are not able to filter the sound 100%. Two colors (beige gold and black titanium), the headphones have a price in our opinion in line with the features offered: 149 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Excellent audio reproduction
  • Innovative software features


  • Active noise cancellation not perfect in very noisy places