Jabra Elite 7 Pro, the ideal wireless headphones for calls and meetings

The Danish Jabra presented the new Elite 7 Pro wireless earphones: these are wireless headphones specially designed, as well as for listening to music, for phone calls, video calls, business meetings. We tested them around Milan and in the editorial office.

The main features

The new headphones are lightweight, ultra-portable, fit easily in your ears, don’t weigh and stay well inserted, both during brisk walking and running. The music is heard very well, we particularly liked the low tones. Also present is the active noise cancellation feature, capable of canceling background sounds. In our test we found ourselves very well, especially walking in traffic or working in a bar, while in the classic test on the subway the background noises were canceled but not completely: in fact, we were able to hear the announcements of the stops anyway. To use all the functions it is necessary to download the Jabra Sound + app which allows you to choose the type of noise cancellation (cancellation on, off or HearThrough functionality, to hear what is happening around us in an amplified manner); again, you can set your own equalizer or use preset settings to highlight speech, bass, treble or to make your music more “energetic”. Furthermore, through the app, it is possible to reproduce electronic or natural sounds that allow you to mask the surrounding noises even better, useful if we want to concentrate in a noisy place. Finally, you can create your own personalized hearing profile and carry out a fit test of the earphones called MyFit.

The technology to improve the voice

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro, as we said, have an innovative technology to improve call quality: it is Jabra Multisensor Voice. They explain from the house that this technology improves the clarity of calls, even in noisy places through a bone conduction sensor, four microphones and specific algorithms. “Through a VPU (voice pick-up) sensor present in both earphones – they say – the intelligent algorithms constantly analyze the types of noise picked up by the integrated microphones”, also managing to eliminate wind noise. Bone conduction technology, on the other hand, is used to transmit voice through the vibrations of the jaw.

Verdict, availability and pricing

We have reviewed numerous Jabra products over the years and have always been delighted with the sound quality. In this case we must certainly also add the satisfaction with the quality of the calls. Very good the possibility to customize the touch, double tap or triple tap both on the right and on the left for listening to music or during phone calls and we really appreciated (functionality that is missing on most of the headphones we are testing ) the ability to lower and raise the volume respectively by holding down the left or right earphone. The battery life is also good: using the headphones for about three hours a day we recharged the case after more than a week. A small sore point, in our opinion, is the case itself: we found it difficult to open, especially if we had to use the headphones on the street or “in a hurry”. Another small minus point: the software update was very slow, it lasted over 20 minutes despite being under full Wi-Fi coverage: nothing, we imagine, that cannot be solved with subsequent updates. The list price of the Jabra Elite 7 Pro is 199.99 euros.

Pros and cons


  • Audio and call quality
  • Lots of customizations through the Jabra Sound + app


  • Case a little difficult to open