Jabra Speak2 75 brings a meeting room to your pocket

Jabra, a Danish company famous for its audio solutions, has presented a very interesting product called Speak2 75, ideal for hybrid work. It is a smart speakerphone, very similar to those found in the center of meeting rooms, capable of improving the audio of our meetings, phone calls and video calls. Compatible with both PCs and smartphones, we used it for about two months to hold our meetings and found it very useful. Here are all the features.

What it is and how it works

Let’s start with a fact: most meetings now take place either completely remotely or in hybrid mode (i.e. some people in the office, others connected from other offices, from home, from the train and so on). It also happens with us in the Sky TG24 editorial office. Jabra’s idea was, therefore, to design a speakerphone made for the modern working world capable of offering high-resolution audio and improving our speech. In particular, Speak2 75 is a light and easy-to-carry round-shaped product which, when connected to a PC or smartphone, is capable of transmitting high-quality audio but also of ensuring that our voice arrives clear, natural and crystal clear, thanks to cutting-edge technology for normalizing the vocal level and latest generation beamfoaming microphones that eliminate background noise. The 75 model, top of the range of the series, among other things offers a ring that lights up based on the quality of our voice, providing us with an immediate glance. On board we also find a 65mm speaker; the product connects either via USB-A or USB-C cable (integrated right inside the body of the speaker) or wirelessly via Bluetooth (there is also a USB adapter). All major meeting apps supported, from Zoom to Microsoft Teams to Google Meet, just to name the most used.

Our experience, availability and prices

We had a great time using Speak2 75 during our meetings, the audio is heard really well even when there are several people talking at the same time in conversations. On the bezel we find a power key, the key to end or reject a call, the volume keys, the one to mute the microphone, the one to answer a call and also a specific key to activate Microsoft Teams. We found the ring that turns red or green based on the quality of our audio useful (during our tests it lit up red when we moved too far from the microphone). The fabric case is also handy, allowing you to insert Speak2 75 in your backpack without damaging it. The apps for laptops or smartphones that allow you to manage all the product settings, including an equalizer to change the audio output, are very good and useful. Finally, the battery life was good, which allowed us to work for about three weeks without recharging. Difficult to find a negative side during our test: perhaps the only thing we liked less is that the keys when the speaker is not in operation are not illuminated, so if for example we want to press the key to access Teams we will have to ” remind us” of its position, or press “randomly” to make all buttons light up. Speak2 75 is sold at a price of 339 euros (but there are also cheaper products in the same line).

Pros and cons


  • Great sound system
  • Many connection possibilities both to PC and smartphone


  • Function keys not always illuminated