Jack Quaid, star of The Boys, is Superman in the animated series My Adventures With Superman

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New arrivals for My Adventures With Supermanthe animated series that will star Jack Quaid, the star of The Boys who this time will symbolically play the role of Clark Kent / Superman. In these hours, Adult Swim has released the first teaser trailer for the upcoming DC series, offering interesting previews to the passionate audience of the saga.

The plot of My Adventures With Superman

“A serialized coming-of-age story,” so Adult Swim described it My Adventures With Superman. Although there is no official release date, in fact, the synopsis of the series is already well known. “The story follows Clark as he builds his secret identity as Superman and explores his mysterious origins. Lois, on her way to becoming a star reporter, teams up with photographer Jimmy Olsen to break the stories that matter. All the while, Clark and Lois are falling in love… while Lois gets one step closer to discovering her secret identity! Our trio share adventures, take down bad guys, stumble upon secrets, and discover what it means to be heroes in their own right.”

Apparently, therefore, the protagonists Lois and Clark are represented in the years of activity at the daily planet, when they first approach the reality of superpowers. A plot that seems to be inspired by the films about Superman with Christopher Reeve, and which already sees two different seasons confirmed. A fortune if we consider that Warner Bros has already made numerous cuts to the production of television series. Fortunately, however, My Adventures With Superman seems to have been more than confirmed. It will be produced by Matt Reeves, Bruce Timm and JJAbrams, who have already dealt with a superhero like Batman in the past.

Jack Quaid is Superman

“I love all of this: it’s a challenge, but I see it mainly as an opportunity, I’ll just be able to play a role in all these different universes,” Jack Quaid commented a while ago announcing the role of Superman in the new animated series My Adventures With Superman. “The fact that I can be part of the universe of Star Trekand at the same time be Superman, but to be involved in this insanely messed up universe where superheroes are real and they’re drugged from birth to become superhuman individuals is kind of crazy.”

“I love acting by challenging myself with these very different atmospheres: it’s what you always want to do as an actor, which is simply being able to act. I can exist in a world where superheroes are really dangerous. And then I can start working on this new project where I play a character who is super selfless. There’s no sarcasm in him, he’s just pure. And the show is suitable for family audiences and viewers of all ages. I consider it a gift to be able to act in such different worlds and to deal with various versions of these worlds. I feel really lucky.”