Jamie, today I cry is born when wounds become words: the video

“The eyes are nothing more than the reflection of our soul, sometimes they light up, reflecting the light of the sun that burns inside us, other times they become inflamed, with a red formed to hide the pain that lies behind… other times, they simply overflow , and they make suffering slide gently in the form of liquid crystals that we commonly call tears.” This is my vision of what we human beings are able to express only with our eyes and I am referring to the eyes in fact, because they are the protagonists of my new single, “Oggi Piango”. This piece is a battle ring for all those people who feel alone, misunderstood, left to fall headlong and without protection or certainty from the top of the world, only to then have to hold the world itself on their shoulders.

“Oggi Piango” was born in December 2022. I wrote it in one night…In reality, I believe it was forged by injuries within me much earlier, wounds which then, in one night, transformed into words. I recorded it a few days before Christmas in the studio by my producer, Savatore “Toty” Russo, and being a holiday period, and after years of uncertainties due to problems related to Covid and health in general, I was finally able to return to visit some relatives located in Northern Tunisia. Among these was Wissem Karabi, a skilled videomaker who graduated in the field for a few years, who works on numerous important projects for actors, models and artists of all fields in the country. The song wasn’t even mixed, but I was very keen to make him hear what I had written by translating it, so as to receive feedback from him. I remember him having tears in his eyes, and the first thing he said to me was “I would really like to record the video for this song for you”. So, in just one day, New Year’s Day to be exact, we recorded it. We went to a seaside location where an uncle of mine lives and we started shooting, without an actual script, without a real plot to tell: the only objective was to convey the vibes of the piece, and convey tranquility through the colors and the waves to anyone who felt represented by my words.

I told about my life, my relationship with my father, with school, with drugs and, unfortunately, also with the death caused by substance abuse. I have chosen a melancholic narrative and expressive style, yes, but direct, aimed at echoing those like me who know these sufferings, but above all those who live alongside those who suffer every day and would only like to free themselves from the burden of not knowing how to love themselves enough .

One of the biggest problems, from my point of view, is today’s society with its indolence, its indifference towards the weakest. The most fragile of my generation, but not only; because we remember that all this does not affect and does not concern only boys and girls, but, unfortunately, also adults.

From “Oggi Piango” a set of things were triggered and emerged that allowed me to understand a lot about myself, both thanks to its writing and subsequent publication, and thanks to the reaction of the people who liked the project, identifying with it.

I waited a bit before deciding what to do with the video, before saying “ok, I’ll publish it”, because I told myself that maybe it wasn’t necessary, but I changed my mind thinking about the atmosphere that had been created that evening in the room. to listen to the song with Wissem. Reflecting on it and remembering those moments, I understood that releasing the video clip could give that something extra to all those who found themselves in my words while listening to the song in digital stores.

And so here it is.

I hope with all my heart that this song can convey to all of you a message of hope and resilience, especially to those who have faced or are facing a dark period, and remind you, remind us, that we really have the possibility, almost the duty, to change the cards on the table to ensure a better tomorrow for ourselves and our neighbors, ensuring that “Today I cry” becomes just a distant memory.