Jannik Sinner, the joy of mother Siglinde: a lot of pride and few words

Not present at tournaments, he takes care of the holiday home he manages in Sesto Pusteria

“Of course I’m happy for everything Jannik has done but I prefer not to say anything else.” Siglinde Sinner, with her usual confidentiality, answers questions on the character of the moment at Adnkronos: Jannik, at just 22 years old, dragged Italian tennis to victory in the Davis Cup, the pinnacle of a sensational season finale that seen triumphing in the ATP 500 in Beijing and Vienna and reaching the final at the ATP Finals in Turin, defeated only by world number one Novak Djokovic, with whom he took revenge a few days later in Malaga.

Mother Siglinde, 57, together with her husband Hans Peter who is two years older, worked for years at the Rifugio Fondovalle (Talschlusshütte) in Val Fiscalina, where he was a cook and she took care of welcoming customers. From this year his father follows Jannik on the circuit acting as his personal chef. “Also to be more together, he started traveling with me – declared the number 4 in the world during the ATP Finals -. He loves to cook, I can take care of his diet well and above all we can recover some of the too much time in which we stayed away.”

Siglinde Sinner, on the other hand, is busy with the holiday home she manages in Sesto Pusteria. From his parents the young Jannik learned to work hard: “They always did it, the first times alone, at 13 years old in Bordighera, I called them because I was a bit homesick or, perhaps, because I was a bit sad if something had gone wrong on the pitch or I had lost a match. Mum told me she had to work, that’s when I understood that my problems were relative”, Sinner recalled in a recent interview. Now his mother follows him when she can, for example in tournaments in Italy or in nearby Vienna. When she is not present she rarely follows him on TV because she suffers too much. “I can’t stand to see it, I get something here, for me it’s too much… too much.” So he goes for a walk nervously. The older brother completes the Sinner family: 25 years ago, he worked as an instructor for the Fire Brigade and he too does not like the spotlight but for his brother he has always been a point of reference: “He is a person I can always help to count”.