Japan, Medvedev attacks the premier: “He betrays the memory of Hiroshima victims”

“He’s just a servant of the Americans. And servants can’t have courage, only be pitied”

Dmitry Medvedev addresses his attacks on poison today, after the meeting between Fumio Kishida and Joe Biden, on the Japanese premier who he accuses of having betrayed the memory of hundreds of thousands of victims of the American atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The joint statement by Kishida and Biden after their meeting at the White House, in which the American president confirmed his intention to strengthen military aid to a country that has revolutionized its defense strategy and drastically increased its military spending.

The joint statement stresses that Russia’s possible use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine will be regarded as an irredeemable and hostile act against humanity, words that Medvedev says he regards as “a horrible shame”, and does not even want to comment “paranoia about our state’s nuclear plans”.

“Think about it for a moment. The Japanese head of government in his humiliating submissive ecstasy talks nonsense about Russia, betraying the memory of hundreds of thousands of Japanese people burned in the nuclear fire of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. And Kishida doesn’t give a damn about the fact that the United States were the only country to use nuclear weapons. And that his own country was the victim,” the deputy chairman of Russia’s National Security Council wrote on Telegram. Kishida, he added, “he is only a servant of the Americans. And servants cannot have courage, only be pitied”.