Japan, Youtuber elected deputy expelled from Parliament for absenteeism

Since last summer he has never appeared in parliament, despite receiving a salary of 19 million yen a year (about 140,000 euros) and various bonuses reserved for parliamentarians. This is the Japanese youtuber GaaSyy, whose real name is Yoshikazu Higashitani, who was elected to the Japanese parliament last July. The House of Councilors (the “upper house” of the Japanese parliament) therefore decided to resort to a measure that had only been used twice in the history of modern Japan: he was expelled from parliament, with 235 votes in favor out of a total of 236 voters. The only person who has objected is a member of Higashitani’s party.

GaaSyy is accused of defrauding various people

To avoid expulsion, GaaSyy was allowed to apologize publicly in front of a plenary session of parliament for his absences. But only an apology video arrived in the courtroom, because GaaSyy, who has long lived in the United Arab Emirates, refuses to return to Japan because he is afraid of being “detained in bad faith” on the basis of a “false criminal complaint”. GaaSyy became famous on YouTube for his videos in which he talked about gossip and scandals involving various local celebrities, GaaSyy is accused of defrauding various people by telling them that they would have the opportunity to meet the members of the popular k-pop band BTS in exchange for money.