Japanese GP, Gasly risks tractor accident – Video

The furious French driver: “I risked dying”. 20 second penalty

Pierre Gasly risks colliding with a tractor on the track in Suzuka, in the Japanese GP, and loses his head. “What is he doing on the track?” Asks the Alpha Tauri driver over the radio, while the race is frozen under red flags with pouring rain and complex weather conditions. “Unacceptable,” says Gasly, furious at the presence of one of the vehicles intended to remove the cars knocked out by accident.

“We already lost 8 years ago Jules Bianchi, a fantastic guy, on the same track and in the same conditions. As it is possible today to see a tractor even on the track, if I lost control of my car I would be dead”, says Gasly at the end of the session. competition. “It’s disrespectful to Jules, his family and to us who risk our lives. We do the best job in the world but it’s dangerous and we need someone to stay safe. I’m grateful to be here today, it went the way it did, because I moved on to two meters. Otherwise I would have died “, adds the Frenchman to Sky.

And, after the fear on the track, for the French driver there was also the mockery of the 20-second penalty by the FIA ​​for not slowing down his speed during the red flag regime during the second lap. The sanction does not change Gasly’s race much as he passes from 17th to 18th position with the penalty, but he loses two points on his Superlicense.