Japanese rocket that challenged Elon Musk self-destructed

Japan was forced to blow it up by activating the command after the engine failed minutes after takeoff

A launch failed that of the new H3 rocket, which Japan was forced to blow up activated the self-destruct command after the engine failed a few minutes after lift-off. A hard blow for its aerospace agency, Jaxa, while the government defines the failed test as “extremely regrettable”. The H3 was the first medium-range rocket designed by Japan in thirty years. It was touted as a cheap alternative to Elon Musk’s Space X Falcon 9, with engine parts made with a 3D printer, to be able to launch commercial and government satellites into Earth orbit. Today’s goal was to launch the H3 into space carrying a monitoring satellite, but engineers noticed a “reduced speed” in the second stage of its launch and proceeded to destroy it. Had it worked, H3 would have been launched by the Japanese space agency about six times a year for the next twenty years.