Jasmine Carrisi in costume: That added detail is very trendy now

Jasmine Carrisi shows off a dazzling shape in a swimsuit and adds a very special detail to her beach look.

Jasmine Carrisi, eldest daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso, he worked hard to make his name stand out far from that of his parents. In particular in recent years she has given herself to music and slowly she has managed to emerge on her own.

Jasmine Carrisi, costume (credits: instagram)

In 2021 he released his first single, Magnets, which was immediately listened to. Apparently he has decided to go down the same path as his father and has all the credentials to do so. At the time of the release of the single Jasmine in an interview with Il corriere della sera he had revealed a particular background regarding the song.

He said he initially chose the title Towards the South but later he decided to change and use the title Magnets, as advised by his father. The young artist is very popular today on social networks, there are over 100 thousand followers at the moment and the number is constantly growing. In the last few days she has posted many photos in which she shows off a great physique and original costumes. One shot in particular caught everyone’s attention. Jasmine wore a violet colored bikini and added a detail to the look that made it even more original.

Jasmine Carrisi shows herself in costume and adds a detail that is now very fashionable

He made his debut in the world of music and now his career is all uphill. Jasmine Carrisi is very young, if before she was known for being the daughter of Al bano and Loredana Lecciso, now she has managed to move away from her parents’ name and create her own image, thanks to commitment and talent.

In fact it is often difficult to be the children of a famous person because many times you are labeled as the ‘children of’. Jasmine has created a path of her and is ready to fly higher and higher, having all the cards to do so. Very popular on social media, there are many photos that we can see on her instagram channel. Very blond, fair complexion, large eyes, she looks a lot like her mother, both have a beauty to take your breath away. In July, Jasmine left an important piece of news on her profile, the release of the new single. This time, however, she is not alone, together with her father she gave life to the song No one everin collaboration with Clementino.

These days he is taking advantage of the summer, we can see it from the images in which he always wears different costumes. One of her in particular has caught everyone’s attention where we can admire her wearing a purple and two-piece bikini added a very particular detail, have you seen it?

Jasmine Carrisi costume
Jasmine Carrisi, costume (credits: instagram)

Jasmine made her summer look even more special with the body chain. Her body jewelry is very fashionable and she is not the only one who has worn it. You like?