Jasmine Carrisi’s house: incredible, where Al Bano’s daughter lives

Many appreciate it, but few know how Jasmine Carrisi’s house is made: incredible, have you seen where Al Bano’s daughter lives?

He would never have imagined it, but Jasmine Carrisi has become very popular! Daughter of Al Bano and the splendid Loredana Lecciso, the very young girl embarked on the same artistic career as her father and conquered all of her.

Jasmine carrisi house. Credits: Instagram

Promises great things, the talent of Jasmine Carrisi. Debuted on the music scene with her first single just over a year ago, the very young Apulian has clearly shown that she has what it takes as a singer and, above all, that she has all the potential to break into the world of music. Waiting for this moment, however, the beautiful Jasmine loves to share and be very active on her official social channel. Undisputed star of Instagram, Carrisi never misses an opportunity to show everyone her beauty, sharing screaming images. By the way, have you ever seen where she lives? On her profile, the daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso usually shares shots that show her in her house, but have you ever seen her? According to what is learned, it would appear that she lives on her father’s estate in Puglia. No more chatter, let’s find out some more details together.

Where Jasmine Carrisi lives: the house is crazy!

After having accurately described Chiara Ferragni’s house in Los Angeles, which among other things has been put up for sale with a terrific price, we can’t help but show you some details of the home of Jasmine Carrisi. Have you ever seen it? According to what is learned from the web, it would seem that the very young daughter of Al Bano and Loredana Lecciso lives on the estate owned by her father. And that she is used to sharing some ‘details’. We carefully searched her Instagram channel, in fact, and were able to track down some dream shots.

The Al Bano Carrisi estate, as it should be, is located in Puglia and is completely surrounded by greenery. Not only are there vineyards – where fabulous wine is produced – olive trees and much more, but also everything you need to make your guests’ stay unforgettable. Starting, therefore, from Spa and restaurant. Up to an immense green swimming pool. Are you curious to see some pictures? Jasmine used to share some of them, see here:

jasmine carrisi house
Jasmine at home. Credits: Instagram

One might think that Jasmine is in the living room at home. There is clearly a very huge space, which features not only a large window, but also a large armchair with white cushions.

jasmine carrisi house
Pool house. Credits: Instagram

This is precisely the Spa of the Al Bano Carrisi estate. Surrounded by windows overlooking the greenery, this relaxation area offers truly crazy comfort.

What do you think? For us it is definitely incredible!