Javier Milei in Rome, unscheduled with an Argentine group in via Conciliazione

The new president got out of the car at the Argentine embassy and soon took a collective selfie

Unscheduled for the newly elected Argentine president Javier Milei who, before being received in the Vatican by the Pope, got out of the car in via della Conciliazione near the Argentine embassy and took a collective selfie with a group of Argentinians. Then he got back in the car towards the Apostolic Palace for the face-to-face meeting with the Pope and the meeting at the secretariat of state.

During the audience in the Vatican, Milei gave Bergoglio dulce de leche and lemon biscuits. Among the tributes to the Pontiff, as the Argentine president’s spokesperson announced, there is also a folder with a copy of the handwritten letter from Chancellor José María Gutiérrez to Juan Bautista Alberdi accrediting him as representative in Europe (May 1854) and an image with the postcard commemorative of Mama Antula that the Argentine Post Office distributed on the occasion of her beatification (August 2017).

Mileiafter the heavy insults directed at Bergoglio in recent months, he was reconciled with the Pontiff and yesterday, at the end of the canonization ceremony of ‘Mama Antula’ in St. Peter’s, the two exchanged kisses and a warm embrace out of protocol. “Have you cut your hair?” Francis jokingly asked the Argentine president famous for his messy hair, as they shook hands. Evidently excited, Milei replied: “I tried.” And then, immediately: “Can I give her a kiss?”. “Yes, son, yes”, the Pope replied without hesitation, as if he were talking about the ‘prodigal son’.

“It’s nice to see you and thank you for coming, you who are half (Jewish), God bless you,” Francesco said again, relaxed and smiling, as he continued to shake Milei’s hands. Then the Pontiff greeted the president’s sister, Karina, general secretary of the Casa Rosada, whom she thanked “for the support she gives him”, demonstrating that she is aware of the role that the woman plays.

Mieli also thanked the Israeli army for saving two hostages with dual nationality, Israeli and Argentine, in Rafah, southern Gaza. Milei, who was in Israel last week on a state visit, pledged to cultivate closer ties between the countries and will move the Argentine embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.