Jean-Luc Godard, Libération: “He resorted to assisted suicide”

Death in Switzerland. The French newspaper: “he has finally succeeded in carrying out his convictions”

The Franco-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godarddied Tuesday 12 September at the age of 91, he resorted to assisted suicide in Switzerland, “finally managing to carry out his convictions”. The French newspaper Libération writes, which announced his disappearance this morning.

His wife Anne-Marie Miéville and his producers confirmed his death at the end of the morning, explaining that he “passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by loved ones” in Rolle, on the shores of Lake Geneva. “He wasn’t sick, he was just exhausted,” a family friend told ‘Libération’.

“He had therefore decided to end it – writes the newspaper -. It was his decision and it was important that he made it known. Another person close to the director confirmed this information”. The news spread at first that the director had died in Paris was thus denied.