Jean Philippe Cretton revealed what is the most difficult thing about being with Pamela Díaz

After quite some time apart, Jean Philippe Creton confirmed to DNA radio that he returned with Pamela Diaz. “The best thing we have with Pame is that regardless of the relationship itself, what happens or doesn’t happen, the difficult, the easy, we have a complicity that transcends the relationship itself,” she said.

On the nightly program “But with respect”, Julio César Rodríguez asked him: “How has it been for you personally to have such a media partner?” Sincere as always Jean He replied: “It was stronger than I thought, the truth. Although the feeling is true, one does not intellectualize it so much…One falls in love no more, one gets carried away”.

The driver confessed that it hasn’t been easy: “Lately it has been… I’m not going to disguise him as any Frenchman, he has me down to the bone… the truth.” Jean He added: “It makes me very angry because couple relationships, or human relationships are very complex, at least for me it is very complex to establish human relationships, it is difficult, it is not very easy for me. I’m more lonely.”

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In addition, the blond confessed how he handles his bonds, beyond Pamela: “When I establish human relationships I take great care of them, I try to keep them in a dome where intimate things can be handled in a way”.

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Finally, he opened up about the most difficult part of his relationship with Pamela Diaz: “It has been very complex for me to handle, very invasive, that everyone has an opinion and with freedom (…) the first time in my career that I have had to be involved in a media situation that has to do with my personal life, it has been difficult to drive and uncomfortable.”