Jenna Ortega can’t believe her eyes, regret destroys her: will we see her again like this?

Jenna Ortega’s regret shocks fans around the world: no one can believe the news, but she confesses it!

Wednesday Addams has become the idol of today’s teenagers, although it was already for lovers of the Goth style. Jenna Ortega dressed in the role of the eldest of the Addams, very “sui generis” family, but which still fascinates and enchants the new generations in our times, making the old ones nostalgic. Was the actress up to the role? From what emerged from the percentages of liking and come on phenomena social around the character, we can confirm it. Jenna has numerous fans from around the world, and right now she’s of great fame confessing the unmentionable.

Jenna Ortega (Credits: @jennaortega)- Sologossip

Jenna Ortega she is a very talented young actress. She is enjoying the immense success of the series Wednesday shot by one of the most visionary directors of our time, Tim Burton. Without a doubt it is a format adapted in a modern key and suitable for the streaming platform Netflix. The nostalgia of older fans combined with the curiosity of the very young, has consecrated the image of this skilled actress in a truly important role. We wonder if he returns as Wednesday, well it’s right during an interview that Jenna displaces everyone: the fans do not believe what has been declared.

Jenna Ortega Never Confessed It, Now It’s Official!

No doubt a social like Tik Tok he allowed his interpretation reached the end of the world. Everyone knows his ballet, thousands have replicated it, and we still can’t tear ourselves away from such an iconic image. The point is that to do collapse the great enthusiasm is exactly Jenna Ortega because it reveals absolutely unedited background to fans who still don’t believe his words.

Despite the amazement, it is the pure truth. Jenna Ortega during an interview with Et she answered several questions about her career path, how she studied the character to make it as the audience loved it, and who inspired her. We report his words, because it is precisely about Wednesday Addams who has a lot to say about it.

Jenna Ortega dissatisfied with Wednesday's ballet
Jenna Ortega (Credits: @jennaortega)- Sologossip

We brought up Tik Tok and the formidable dance, precisely because it is against the latter that the actress pronounces herself. She claims to have been inspired by the Goth club dances of the eighties, specifically a Bob Fosse to Lisa Loring, Lene Lovich e Denis Lavant. To stage something iconic, believable and damn original, it takes a lot of work, and she sweated, but she is not satisfied at all. Here are his words:

«I still can not believe it. Some of the moves I had planned, others have been improved».

Thus, he shows great amazement regarding the media success that the ballet has achieved, but it has not been easy. Tell a unreleased backstory:

«It was a scene that kept me up at night thinking, I thought there was so much more I could and should do, then the fact that anyone has even shown a little appreciation and tried it themselves. I don’t get it, really».