Jenna Ortega is the face of adidas Sportswear, the new line of the German sports giant

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adidasthe German sportswear giant, has entrusted to Jenna Ortega the baptism of new line of athleisure, adidas Sportswear. The small screen star, who became incredibly popular thanks to Wednesdaya television series also directed by Tim Burton, is extremely representative of a new segment of consumers and, in the new campaign All That You Arelooks perfectly at home in the three-stripe creations he admits he’s always worn and loved.

Jenna Ortega for adidas Sportswear debut

Jenna Ortega is now one of the most representative faces of her generation, raised on bread, the internet and social media, attentive to trends but also smart enough to know how to choose what she really is cool in the pile of seductive proposals of the vast virtual world.

Saying yes to adidas does not mean for the young Californian actress that she has signed a substantial commercial agreement and that’s it: Ortega believes in the projects he embraces and in accepting the assignment of global ambassadors from the adidas Sportswear baby girl it is clear to her that her commitment will go beyond that of a simple model and she is well-intentioned to play her part among the changemakers of the adidas family.
The creations of the adidas Sportswear label are born to respond to the need, ever growing and rooted after the seasons of the pandemic, by all genders to wear at any time of the everyday garments with markedly sporty inspiration.
Tracksuit jackets, joggers with drawstrings, oversized T-shirts, all these items are part of the new adidas line that hasn’t created a new label for over fifty years (the others are originals And Performance).

In the campaign a look inspired by Wednesday Addams

In the photos of countryside the actress does not lose sight of her best known character and poses with a black and purple vertical striped suit that I am a clear recall at the Wednesday Addams from the series, a teenager who loves gothic style, who professes to be allergic to color and always wears black and white clothes. She also darkens another look, with jacket and trousers overalls, made glam by a shiny top, red lipstick and lacquered nails. Even the sneakers are absolutely contemporary and suitable for those who want to dress simply but want to be remembered.
Jenna Ortega Passionate about soccer and yoga, he took up his new role with enthusiasm. Adventure companions, in adidas Sportswear, which is already available via the app but will come in store alone on February 9Australian soccer player Mary Fowler, South Korean soccer player Son Heung-min, American basketball player Trae Young, gamer Carolina Voltan.