Jenna Ortega leaves everyone stunned: what comes out about the role played

Jenna Ortega told a backstory that has left all her fans displaced: it concerns the role she brought on stage.

Jenna Ortega has achieved great success thanks to the television series that saw her as the protagonist. She is a very young actress, she is only 20 years old, but she can already boast of great satisfactions. In fact, even before being chosen to play the main character, she wore different clothes.

Jenna Ortega made an unexpected confession about her role (credits: Ansa) sologossip

She became famous for having staged Harley Diaz in the series Harley in the middle and Ellie Alves in You. But the role that brought her success is that of Wednesday Addams in the Wednesday series aired on Netflix. The attention was focused on one part in particular, namely on the ballet of the protagonist. So much so that in no time it went viral and everyone wanted to replicate it.

This involves four movements: the first is to wave the arms behind the back followed by the hands moving forward as if playing a piano. Then the closed fists are beaten on the shoulders and finally the arms are raised alternating them. The fact is that not only this short choreography has had a great development but also the series. In this regard, however, the actress has revealed a background that has left everyone stunned.

Jenna Ortega tells it for the first time: it’s about the role played in Wednesday

Jenna Ortega played Wednesday Addams in Wednesday. This was incredibly successful and the actress also became more well known. In an interview with The Times UK, however, she told a background that none of her fans expected of her. He revealed that he had previously turned down all offers for the series only to change his mind later.

Only the name of Tim Burton prompted her to accept the role that had been proposed to her: “I had done so much television, I wanted to challenge myself with cinema. I was scared to do another TV show,” he confessed. In fact, Jenna she didn’t want to be part of a TV show again, because she didn’t want to find any kind of impediment to devote herself freely to something else afterwards. When she signed the contract, he hoped the series would not blow upwhich instead happened.

jenna ortega role revelation
Jenna Ortega, confessed to the role played in Wednesday (credits: ansa) sologossip

And it was Burton’s name that prompted her to change her mind so much that she defined the director as a true legend. The actress played other roles before Wednesday and also voiced the character of Princess Isabel in Elena of Avalor. She said that with this part she felt out of place, she was not herself. She used to always being recognized, she then started to slow down and live a normal life until the arrival of Wednesday which brought her to the highest wave of her popularity.