Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: sensational indiscretion on their marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, the sensational indiscretion about their marriage: why they got married in ‘haste and fury’, the motivation

Love has approached them some time before, they then moved away, they distanced themselves from each other, rebuilding separate lives. But despite the distances, despite rebuilding a life with other people, the true love between the two never faded. And so, years later, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck first returned to being one of the most loved couples and then got married and crowned their dream of love with enormous celebrations.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the indiscretion (Credits: Youtube)

In fact, the marriage between the two stars has consecrated the stellar couple as one of the most loved and ‘shippate’ on the screen and on social networks. The romantic and unexpected marriage proposal that the actor made to the well-known singer certainly amazed and amazed everyone, leaving us speechless. And so, the two got married in wonderful Las Vegas. But what is behind the ‘flash wedding’ organized by the singer? A rumor about their marriage is revealed by PageSix. Here’s what we found.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the unexpected indiscretion about their marriage

The love between the two blossomed years and years ago, but things did not go the right way. Let’s say that the times were not ripe for what was then the couple formed by the two well-known characters. And so, Jennifer Lopez moved on with her life, treading the wave of success and so did Ben Affleck. In recent years, other people have been part of their life. But the love between the two never seems to have completely faded.

jennifer lopez ben affleck
Jlo and Ben Affleck: the indiscretion on marriage (Credits: youtube)

And so, a year ago we heard the news of the absolutely unexpected return of the flame and a little later a year later, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are then married. Well, the reason for this hasty wedding? Well, according to what reported by PageSix it would seem that the singer was in a certain hurry, because her goal from what is said was to marry the actor before he could change his mind. And in fact, as the same newspaper said: “She was ready to get married the same night Ben proposed her. She wanted to block him to avoid any possibility of her having second thoughts, as soon as possible“.