Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: what they did as soon as they arrived in Milan

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are on their honeymoon in Italy, but do you know what they did as soon as they arrived in Milan? You would never imagine.

If Ilary Blasi and Francesco Totti are making a lot of talk about them due to the recent separation and the different twists that are alternating, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are not far behind. Back together about a year ago, the couple chose to shorten it by far, getting married again.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Credits: Youtube

After a very short time from the marriage proposal, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they have sworn eternal love again. The first ‘ceremony’, apparently, was celebrated a few weeks ago in intimacy in Los Vegas, ‘escaping’ to Paris soon after. Only a few days ago, however, the couple chose to celebrate their union and their love in front of all their relatives in Georgia and to celebrate with them.

After their first honeymoon in Paris, during which moments of tension were absolutely not lacking, the couple chose to spend their ‘second’ honeymoon in our beautiful country. You read that right, yes: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflek are currently in Italy. You are curious, though, to find out what they did as soon as they got to Milan?

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Milan for the honeymoon: what did they do in Milan?

No overseas travel or lost places, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck they chose Italy for their honeymoon. At first, in fact, the couple was paparazza on Lake Como. And, later, she was spotted in the streets of Montenapoleone in Milan. Are you curious to know what exactly they were doing in these areas?

Just like George Clooney, who has a priceless house, it would seem that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were enchanted by the beauty of Lake Como so much that they wanted to spend a few hours there. Between sun, aperitifs and long walks, the couple has absolutely not gone unnoticed on the streets of the city. What did not escape the eyes of passersby at all, however, was not even the long walk that the two lovebirds made through the streets of Milan. Do you know what they were doing for the Lombard capital? According to what is learned from the Whoopsee cameras, it would seem that the couple has allowed themselves a few hours of wild and healthy shopping in a famous local luxury boutique.

jennifer lopez ben milan
Jennifer and Ben happy. Credits: Instagram

Beautiful as never before, Jennifer Lopez enchanted all passers-by, just as she did on her wedding day with her delightful wedding dress and that detail that didn’t go unnoticed.