Jennifer López imposes a trend with the most chic manicure of the season

Jennifer Lopez She is an icon of the music industry but also stands out in many other areas as an actress, dancer, businesswoman, and more. She is one of the personalities that stands out the most in terms of fashion, being one of the first to set trends on social networks.

The thing is Jennifer known as “JLo” shared a post for his more than 249 million followers on instagram showing her nails in which one of them highlights the word “Latina” and as a description I comment “Happy weekend” in Spanish, remember that although Lopez He was born in the Bronx and has Puerto Rican origins.

But what is this nail trend that you share with us about? Jenny. They are the stickers for manicure which consists of taking a sticker and sticking it on the nail, as simple as it sounds. It is only a matter of choosing the stickers that you like the most, they can be to decorate the entire nail or just a part of it and they go at the end of the enamel. The advantage of this technique is the speed and ease to implement it since it does not require great knowledge in the area of ​​manicure and avoids the use of chemicals.

Jennifer Lopez posing her manicure. Source: Instagram @jlo

But like every world-class artist Jennifer Lopez It has a team that is responsible for making it look splendid. The person in charge of her manicure is the great Tom Bachik who also works with other great artists such as Selena Gomez, Margot Robbie, among others.

Tom Bachik manicure job. Source: Instagram @tombachik

The publication already has thousands of likes and comments, is that Lopez It is one of the most followed on the platform. Let’s not forget that she owns her own makeup brand called “JLo Beauty”.