Jennifer Lopez is ‘furious’ at Ben Affleck for criticizing and blaming her ex Jennifer Garner

According to reports, Jennifer Lopez is furious at the “public beating” of Ben affleck to his ex-wife Jennifer garner where he recounted a personal experience and where he said he felt trapped during the marriage.

This news has been advanced by a source close to Radar and, based on their findings, Jennifer garner is “enraged” with Ben Affleck for his shocking breaking of a pact that was supposed between them.

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

The controversy

During their disastrous interview, Affleck told Stern that “I’d probably still be drinking” if he was married to Garner. The actor, who has battled alcohol addiction for years and completed multiple stints of rehab, said: “It’s part of the reason I started drinking … because I was trapped.”

For those who haven’t heard, the actor told the host of The Howard Stern Show that used to feel “caught“in her marriage to Garner and it seems that Lopez doesn’t want any of that.

According to an insider, “They both agreed that they would not discuss their private lives in depth after what happened the last time they were together.”

Ben affleck
Ben affleck

“It was carefully planned that they would take photos together, but that’s it. At events, the press is told that ‘there are no questions about JLO and Ben. Only questions about the movie. Now he shot his big mouth and dragged her towards her. “.

The source also cited some of López’s fears, adding: “Jen [López] she’s been working really hard to build a relationship with Ben’s kids, “but now” they’re going to read their dad’s quotes that wreck their mom. “

“Jen [López] he has also worked very hard to have a relationship with Jennifer [Garner]. Ben blew it up too. The source also shared Lopez’s thoughts on the matter, adding that she “does not tolerate this careless [improperio] . She is buttoned up. She has her [improperio] together “.