Jennifer Lopez poses nude to show off the new Revolve shoe collection

Jennifer Lopez posed nude in the campaign for her new JLo Jennifer Lopez shoe collection for Revolve, using her super-long hair extensions to protect her private areas.

The superstar, 53, shared the sexy snaps on Instagram, which highlight a pair of lace-up stiletto sandals still unpublished from his footwear line.

“Starting the week off right,” Lopez captioned the shots, in part, and it seems her fans agreed.

“These new images of J Lo are giving us LIIIIIFEEEEE!!!” commented a fan.

“Hair lives for it,” added another.

“I think you have aged the best of anyone on this planet…. Seriously,” wrote a third.

López is not ashamed to reveal everything on social networks.

Earlier this month, the “Selena” star wore nothing but a towel and a dainty gold necklace bearing her husband Ben Affleck’s first name for an Instagram video promoting her skincare line.

Her 16-piece shoe collection features plenty of sky-high heels and crystal and mesh ankle boots that reflect the star’s always-glam aesthetic.

Lopez told Footwear News: “It’s different from other collections because Revolve is more edgy,” describing it as “more of what I like to call the JLO aesthetic: glam and sexy and powerful but at the same time classic.”

The focus of her latest Revolve photo shoot was entirely on the shoes, unlike the high-necked metallic gown the “Shotgun Wedding” star showed off at the line’s launch party over the weekend.

One fan of the skin-baring ensemble noted: “This look doesn’t call attention to the shoes.”

As for whether his daring campaign photos accomplish that mission? Up to you.